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    Update: REMF DVD

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    Received some messages from various people about the status and where they can get hold of the DVD.

    The DVD is currently halfway in production, it has currently been suspended due to the college system being flushed out and half of it being removed.

    This isn't the main delay though, I have been undated with coursework deadlines, and i has simply forced me to delay finalising the DVD. I cannot spend time in front of my peers working on something when they expect me to use my free time to finish coursework.

    I hope you all understand, and it should be available, 50 copies by the second week of June at the latest. I know this is an incredible wait, but everything will be forwarded on to Gareth - by then making everything easier to deal with.

    As soon as my courses are finished on the 25th May, it probably will take me 48 hours to complete.

    You have not been charged for this announcement.


    50 copies are to be produced.


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