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    REMF supports Dash ( Mrs Coach )

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    It is with great pleasure I can annouce The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund directors and the Eaton family have given their full support to the grant application to Denton & South Heighton Junior Football Club.

    Dash JFC are in the Newhaven area and have 150 kids 6-16 who play football.

    The REMF have granted £ 500 for new kit and have granted
    £ 1000 to their appeal for repair and renovation of their pitch and facilites. They have raised £ 9000 and the REMF grant makes up the target £ 10000 for this work to commence.

    Mrs Coach who posts on NSC is the main fundraiser and congratulations to her for her efforts.

    The REMF will have a presentation for the last week of May when Douglas and Laura Eaton will present Dash with the cheque for
    £ 1500 and we hope to have publicity for this.

    This is down to the efforts of hundreds of people who have either helped , donated to or supported the REMF.
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      Justgiving - REMF Fundraising Page
      The Albion team are collecting sponsorships
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      I returned from holiday late last night and Uncle was my first phone caller this morning. He put a HUGE smile on my face as I pulled the washing from the suitcase and struggled out from under the depression of having left 35 degree heat for the drizzly beauty of windswept Telscombe Cliffs!

      On behalf of DaSH JFC, I cant thank everyone involved enough. From the organisers and fundraisers to the participants of the charity events providing the funding that brings such enjoyment to the children of the sporting organisations that REMF have supported since it was created.

      I would like to extend an warm invitation to the REMF team, and especially Mr and Mrs Eaton, to attend the opening of our new pitches and facilities in the near future, meet the children and parents they are helping and I hope, re-confirm what I'm sure they already know. That despite loss and grief, hope and happiness can come again thanks to the goodness in the heart of a community.

      NSC may be a small community but its a great one.

      Thanks again to you all - you've made Mrs Coach - and everyone at DaSH JFC very happy today.


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