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    FAO DJ Leon (REMF 'Albion Stay Up' Bet)

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    Well, here was the bet we laid at the start of the season:

    "Will the Albion stay up? Tom Hark, Preston Park says NO - DJ Leon say YES. Loser contributes £100 to REMF "

    THPP loses. DJ Leon wins. The Albion stay up. The REMF benefits. Everybody's happy.

    Still, I claim a moral victory, sort of. The bet was made in the time of McGhee, and there's nothing surer than if he'd been allowed to remain in charge for the remainder of the season, after sounding like a broken man at the start of September in Bristol, then there's no way the club would have reached 53 points or anywhere near it. And half the squad would have been thrown off the coach by now.

    Possibly the poster with dodgiest footballing judgement on NSC, London Irish (now retired to the uncritical safety of , called it 'the most ridiculous bet of the season'. Yeah well, yada yada, if it wasn't for that weird statistic blip in the autumn when Coxy and Jakey were pinging them in from all angles for FUN, then we'd be starting next season in the fourth division. Even with McGhee gone, we came perilously close.

    So... cheers for the wager DJ Leon. Good work fella!

    £100 on its way to the REMF.

    Yours In Sport

    THPP, Loser
    Buy The Ticket,Take The Ride - Hunter S. Thompson


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