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  1. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2024/25 Edition

    They have floodlights, hard standing & a mini stand - set right back from the pitch - so cover most of the criteria
  2. S.T.U cgull

    [Drinking] Reserving Tables in Pubs for drinking

    Had this issue on Saturday Rocked up @ Exchange in Hove about 2pm - one table indoors occupied - every other table reserved from 4.30… outdoors unreserved - full by 3pm indoors like the marie celeste until 4.25..!
  3. S.T.U cgull

    [Travel] Niagara flying in and out of Toronto

    Agreed on maid of the mist - incredible. Was there last September on the US side - seems to be a magnet for Indian tourists strangely. Would recommend driving on somewhere else - we went from Syracuse in the morning > Niagara > Allegany State Park
  4. S.T.U cgull

    [Albion] Fringe players who will impress next season

    I hope we dont see him again, but need somebody willing to take him on
  5. S.T.U cgull

    [Travel] The morning commute.

    As a fellow Hillian, I recommend an hour or two working at home & the 0925 if going into London later in the day - it avoids the delays / aggro of the main commuter rush & the first off-peak train.. It is still busy after Gatwick with tourists (Spaniards & Italians do love a voice note on...
  6. S.T.U cgull

    [Travel] The morning commute.

    This crosses into the bellcheeses at work thread but… Definitely a difference depending on the time and route you commute. Going in for an 8am start in London, ahead of the main rush, you tend to miss most of the issues of the opening poster.. so too being on the Gatwick Express - quicker, more...
  7. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] Glückwunsch Leverkusen!

    Sent to me - from somewhere in Leverkusen town centre👍🏻
  8. S.T.U cgull

    [Albion] Sunday Times Rich List

    Still the case now
  9. S.T.U cgull

    [Albion] Deniz Undav - season long loan to Stuttgart confirmed

    His goal celebration @ Middlesbrough last January & some of the post-match comments from I think Webster? seemed to support the case of some kind of family bereavement.
  10. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] League Two Play-Off Final: Crawley Town vs Crewe Alexandra (Sunday, 13:00)

    Recall a work colleague telling me some years back that at the time of rehousing persons from London to Crawley - whole neighbourhoods moved in block. So you would have say Tilgate be a Battersea estate and thus Chelsea - whereas Pound Hill moved into from Plaistow - thus West Ham. (Cannot...
  11. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] League Two Play-Off Final: Crawley Town vs Crewe Alexandra (Sunday, 13:00)

    Think in part an age-thing. When we were in the pre-Falmer doldrums of L1 then flirted with relegation, meeting Crawley began to become a real possibility in the league when 5 years before we had 4 divisions between? That linked with various gobshites who you would encounter in school/college -...
  12. S.T.U cgull

    [News] Never mind a nation of shopkeepers.........

    Undoubtedly yes. Even worse (in my mind) is the addition of Sainsburys Local etc to Just eat to deliver the ‘essentials’, or more probably a few beers/wine and cigarettes..
  13. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2023/24 Edition

    Tough ask of a club with minimal income and thus bootmoney only to have players travelling to SE London / North Kent on a regular basis for away games if you go up. Superb effort from Hassocks to reach the play-off positions, and to fend off countless approaches from other teams for their...
  14. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] Glückwunsch Leverkusen!

    I believe the banner’s creator is doing just that with it for their last home game
  15. S.T.U cgull

    [Brighton] The Woof (Old Preston Brewery Tap)

    Modern day philosophy of exceptionalism & need to create a personality for a dog. Having stopped after a walk @ Devils Dyke in the summer for a quick beer, it was like being on set in 101 Dalmatians - nonstop barking from the various assembled hounds. Not great if you are allergic / asthma etc..
  16. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] Glückwunsch Leverkusen!

    Been made & will be there for Villa👍🏻
  17. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] Glückwunsch Leverkusen!

    Believe so; may appear elsewhere before then
  18. S.T.U cgull

    [Football] Glückwunsch Leverkusen!

    There is one on the way 👍🏻
  19. S.T.U cgull

    [Travel] Tuscany..

    Lucca is a beautiful town to visit Hire a car and get into the countryside Or if feeling flush Forte dei Marmi on the coast

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