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    [Brighton] Roy Grace coming to ITV next year

    Mona Lisa was filmed on the pier
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    [Travel] Tourism Backlash

    Are you enjoying it there? I was in Punta Prima this time last year and absolutely loved the place. Minorca is an absolute gem of an unspoiled island.
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    [Football] Will Starmer call a bank holiday if England win the Euros?

    I’d rather we had one when Archer dies!
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    [News] Missing teenager Jay Slater.

    Search now called off
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    [Cricket] T20 World Cup 2024

    Fantastic. Bye crims 😂😂😂
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 11 (Croatia vs Italy & Albania vs Spain)

    Shame for 🇦🇱. Never got battered and competed in every game. Silvinho’s done a great job.
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 11 (Croatia vs Italy & Albania vs Spain)

    Yeah, bit bizarre, gives 🇦🇱 a sniff. Can’t believe Hoxha isn’t starting (for the 3rd game running).
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 11 (Croatia vs Italy & Albania vs Spain)

    Come on boys 🇦🇱 Not remotely confident as Spain have looked the best team so far.
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    Serbia threatening to withdraw from the competition because the Albanian and Croatian fans sang nasty things about them. a) You’re going out anyway, and b) it’s nice to see a bit of unity in The Balkans for a change 😂
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 6

    So pleased but should have started Hoxha. I wouldn’t say Albania sat back once going 1-0 up as could/should have scored 3 in the first half and didn’t get out of their half for much of the second as Croatia’s dominance was stifling. A great point in the end, not enough to go through but...
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 6

    🇦🇱Great half, playing so well and should have scored 3. Can’t believe Croatia will be that bad again 2nd half so need a second goal.
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    [Help] Joke du jour

    Could have been worse. You could have had 2 weeks at Loggerheads!
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 6

    Best of luck against Italy - but not today 😂
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 6

    Shit or bust for 🇦🇱 at 2pm. Good chance of a win if Hoxha starts.
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 3

    Nice to see the elements getting involved as well
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 2

    Hoxha made a difference when he came on, started taking the game to them. Will hopefully start the next game.
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 2

    Get in 🇦🇱
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 2

    The main event coming up 🇦🇱

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