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    [Politics] SNP what next ?

    People talk about the "camper van" like it cost a billion pounds. It cost £110k. Plenty of "normal" people buy more expensive camper vans. I'm sure Nicola could be able to afford one on her previous wages. How about we talk about Sunak paying his cronies £3bn for PPE? Using his private jet...
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    [Albion] Billy Gilmour

    Eh? No. I'm all Scottish with a question mark over his head as he doesn't get the reference. Am I supposed to?
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    [Albion] Billy Gilmour

    Hi all. Thanks for the almost unanimous welcome, with some snark on the side. No idea whether I'll stay or not. Not really a posting type person, if truth be told. I think too much for myself. That kinda thang leads to ruffled feathers, etc, which breeds siege mentality and mass hysteria...
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    [Albion] Ronan Ferns

    Anything who thinks he's shrubbush should leaf him alone. Stop picking on him, as you're barking up the wrong tree. If he signs root and branch, I think thistle be a treemendous signing. Brighton will give him the platform to bloom and to sprout from an acorn into a mighty oak. Don't fall...
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    [Albion] Billy Gilmour

    Hello all. This is my maiden post. Before I begin... sensational performance against Arsenal yesterday. You out Arsenaled Arsenal. Kudos. Not many teams can do that. Not just talking about in the EPL. I'm talking about teams of Earth. Firstly, I'm not a Brighton fan. I'm a Manchester United...

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