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  1. wuntbedruv

    [News] Christmas Day Pudding

    Sesame seed breadsticks dunked in Cognac.
  2. wuntbedruv

    **** Official middle-aged man's Craft Beer thread ****

    has anyone tried this? Having only drunk Kolsch in its natural home I would love to give it a go. Fruh is certainly one of the better breweries so this should be good.
  3. wuntbedruv

    [Drinking] Dark Star to leave Sussex

    Getting Do Hall and Woodhouse still Brew K&B Sussex Bitter. In Hampshire/ Dorset?
  4. wuntbedruv

    [Drinking] Dark Star to leave Sussex

    Get yourself a mini keg of Revelation, it might be hoppy for you but is a decent strength and goes as easy as lemonade, At 5.7% after 4 pints you won't care how hoppy it is.
  5. wuntbedruv

    **** Official middle-aged man's Craft Beer thread ****

    Hophead has changed since those halcyon days, become a less hoppy Brew but still better than Harvey's, Certainly the small barrels from the back wall suited it as it was much more consistent than the WSU Harvey offerering. However I would certainly miss Revelation if it was lost.
  6. wuntbedruv

    [News] Public Toilets

    Judging by the recent rain all the crap will have been dumped in the sea on the excuse of "flood flashing" by Southern Water.
  7. wuntbedruv

    [Food] Christmas Day Breakfast

    If you are going to be technical, surely the Julien Calender messed with the original date way before Pope Gregory XIII stuck his boot in.
  8. wuntbedruv

    [Albion] Building works

    Sarcasm is the first resort of a fool. Or c### su#"""g sycophant. Just how far up barbers a*&^ are you?
  9. wuntbedruv

    [Albion] Building works

    Ask the South East corner Family stand season ticket holders, been there since the stadium opened, who were forced out of their seats to inferior ones, groups broken up to facilitate the ( pre covid )plans for the North East corporate shelf and lounge if they agree.
  10. wuntbedruv

    [Food] Christmas Day Breakfast

    Not Los Polos Hermanos?
  11. wuntbedruv

    [Food] Christmas Day Breakfast

    Harsh, very harsh. Paul Young did some good stuff, WAY after this but good stuff none the less 😄😄 You will be dissin Rocky Sharpe and the Razors next.
  12. wuntbedruv

    [Offers] Anyone have a spare 100 Lego vip points pls

    Pick the right set, just prior to its " retirement " for best discount, save it unopened for a couple of years and you can be quids in, more profitable the crypto.It is the new Beanie Babies. If you have seen the Trossard Taj story on here, that set is now £200+ over original price on the...
  13. wuntbedruv

    [Albion] Our lord Pascal gross

    We made a bunch of Krauts kings and queens so why not?
  14. wuntbedruv

    [Film] All quiet on the Western Front

    The proper translation of the German title is " In the west nothing new" and artistic license is taken from beginning to end but I believe the film holds well to the sentiments of the book, a book regarded as subversive enough to be burned by the "German Students Union". Remarque eventually...
  15. wuntbedruv

    [Albion] Villa win their CUP final

    And the unbounded joy when the poundshop zahaha stopped us winning the Championship trophy.

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