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  1. whitelion

    [NSC] First time whacked at a brighton game

    Never wacked at a Brighton game nor for that matter sacked either. Had the odd moment of wacking opposition usually pre-game though.:hilton:
  2. whitelion

    [NSC] Worst albion player you can remember

    This in buckets. Was my first thought so end thread now. Just seeing the name gives me nightmares.
  3. whitelion

    [Albion] Wanted: 1901 seat(s)

    What's the situation with Covid19?
  4. whitelion

    [TV] Crown Court.

    Hi Harry how's tricks?
  5. whitelion

    [TV] Crown Court.

    Recently had a Crown Court Appearance. Back now in a hospital with pneumonia and Covid19. Aok lads back on NSC...I've missed y'all!
  6. whitelion

    [Albion] Maty Ryan dropped for Fulham game.

    Arsenal have a history of paying "top dollar" for "stars" to sit on the bench. Mezut Ozil just left for Fenerbahce carrying a big full sack and wearing a mask/striped jumper a la Dennis The Menace.
  7. whitelion

    [Music] The Infinite Jukebox

    Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen
  8. whitelion

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion in the 5th Round of the FA Cup

    No..not for me despite supporting club since 60/61. Can't see any progression beyond tonight unfortunately. It'll be interesting to see how Brendon and Graham approach team selection and squad rotation etc
  9. whitelion

    [Other Sport] NSC DAILY Naps Competition – Winter 2019

    Thanks The Brighton Bear. Just arrived back at Planet Earth.
  10. whitelion

    [Other Sport] NSC DAILY Naps Competition – Winter 2020

    The Brighton Bear.....Glad you're still running this competition and I'll be back in for the next one.
  11. whitelion

    [Football] Southwick 1882 FC saved, going home to Old Barn Way

    Great news attila and likely result being that Southwick FC is likely to continue.
  12. whitelion

    [Albion] Maty Ryan dropped for Fulham game.

    I had a feeling some while ago that this situation would develop as it has. Maty Ryan is a good shot stopper and distributor of the ball but his weakness was on defending crosses into the eighteen yard box. He always gave me heart palpitations when the opposition attacked.m
  13. whitelion

    [Music] The Infinite Jukebox

    King's Of The Day - Asia
  14. whitelion

    [Other Sport] NSC DAILY Naps Competition – Winter 2019

    7.00 Wolverhampton - Another Touch
  15. whitelion

    [Albion] Jahanbakhsh up for Goal of the Month

    Well done AJ. Now go out and score another ten before the end of the season. I don't care if they're scuffed in or via the defender.
  16. whitelion

    [Other Sport] Super Bowl LIV - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers

    When I was in SF I had the choice of seeing the Rolling Stones at Candlestick Park or going to the Colisseum in Oakland to watch the then Superbowl winners Raiders play the Tampa Bay Bucanneers. I went to watch the first US football game live for me. Would have been 1981 I think.
  17. whitelion

    [Other Sport] Super Bowl LIV - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers

    I think it'll be a Chiefs win but what do I know. I'm bottom of the Six Nations predictions league. What is the name of TB's horse?
  18. whitelion

    [Other Sport] France v England

    After the performance against South Africa you'd expect them to come out all guns blazing. After the initial England possession for first 5 minutes it was all France and they deservedly went in 17-0 up. Came back well in second half but it was too much to ask to overturn that lead.

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