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    [Politics] Johnson resigns from parliament

    What an absolute coward not staying to face the music of the report. I still can’t get my head round why people thinks he’s so great.
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    [Football] Potter to Palace

    Because it will be sold to him as a project and he’s failed with Chelsea so he will see it as an opportunity with a club that has money and potential. He needs to rebuild his brand and Leeds gives him that. If he comes back into PL and fails again I don’t think his reputation would recover and...
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    [Football] Potter to Palace

    Leeds I think.
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    [Albion] Tension between manager and owner over the club's recruitment etc.

    All those ‘dodgy’ headlines! BUT remember we now live in a world of social media where advertising revenue is generated by clicks and so the headline needs to be ever more ridiculous. Time to just not click onto anything that’s sensationalist and use common sense. RDZ will stay another season at...
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    [Football] Ted Lasso sacked by Leeds

    Now waiting for the inevitable ‘’free RDZ’ Leeds fan campaign..
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    [Albion] Vítor Oliveira (Vitinha)

    With Welbeck def getting older and not going to play as much next season this makes sense
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    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    New agents trying to cash in for their %. Only way to deal with these ‘demands’ is to let him sit it out until the summer then sell him. Players really should honour contracts until the end of season at least. I won’t happen but unless TB draws a line and says no unless we are paid what we want...
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    [Football] Chelsea 'submit firm £44.5m offer'

    Link to credible source ?
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    [Albion] PPV scrapped

    VPN illegal streams then.
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    Goldstone items for sale

    Just seen this post.. I donated 100 prints and asked Tim Carder to offer the prints at £75 and no less. The objective was to help raise £7,500 for the society to raise funds for the club museum and to buy in future historically important items. The supporters club then apparently 'voted' to sell...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Of Course Not Your my favorite fan! How could i forget you? Your print and extras will be with you soon :clap2: Stewart Weir
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    I seem to have upset some people. Just to put something straight. When i approached Tim Carder i said i wanted to give 100 Last Goal prints to the historical society etc so they could sell direct to their member and the supporters club members. He has a list so it would be easier for him to put...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    well.. yes Totally agree.. But its annoying hat they are so dumb..
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    Goldstone items for sale

    o did I gave the club 950 copies of More Than Ninety Minutes books and they sold them for £19.95. I gave the Supporters club 100 prints and they gave them away for £5 instead of at least £60.. So why should i share the profit with the club? Why dont you share some of your income with them...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Value Who are you exactly to judge? Do you work for a company or are you self employed? I suspect your a company man. If i never bothered to take the photo and if i never bothered to get them signed and if i never bothered to give the supporters club any prints then you never would have...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Prints As far as i understand the supporters club never offered the prints at £75 at any point. They took a vote on reducing the price to just £5 for members and £10 for non members. Tim had a commodity which the supporters club voted to devalue because they had no clue as to what they had...
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    Goldstone items for sale

    The Last Goal I donated 100 prints in good faith to the supporters club and stated quite clearly that the prices were £75 each but assumed that the supporters club would reduce slighty to around £60 to its members ONLY. The stupidity of the supporters club is their fault. Im sure they would...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Supply and demand yes. Diamonds only have value because the supply is kept low. There are millions of diamonds kept in storage. Regards limited edition prints.. There are just 500 signed and printed. Once they are gone they are gone. For those who bought at £10 through the supporters club they...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Back in early 2007 i donated 100 prints to the Supporters Club on the understanding that they were to be sold to their members to raise money towards a new club museum at Falmer which was being talked about then. I explained that the prices were £75 therefore even with a small discount to the...
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    Last Goal At Goldstone Signed Prints for sale

    Thanks all Thanks all for your comments.. Even the solkscreen one haha.. Ive heard Gus Poyet is considering bringing back Stuart Storer so maybe he will score the first goal at Falmer. Truth is stranger than fiction after all.. Stewart Weir

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