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    [Albion] If you were Graham Potter and you were offered the Chelsea job would you take it?

    I think he's likely to go - but I don't agree with this. Even if he was 99% sure he wanted to stay, he'd be stupid not to at least listen to what Chelsea have to say - and Graham Potter is not stupid. Or it could just be a poker move to get (another) payrise at the Albion.
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    [Albion] "Potter will want to finish his project at Brighton first"

    The 'project' is surely complete when we're no longer moving upwards - i.e. when all we're aiming for is to match the previous season. This year we have (half?) an eye on qualifying for Europe for the first time ever. If we achieve it, we'll then actually get to enjoy our first ever European...
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    [Albion] Would you opt out completely if you could?

    Personally, no - but it should be an option. I would have thought that at the very least the club should extend to people who live with others who are on the 'clinically extremely vulnerable' list. Seems daft to say "yes, we see your wife is officially recognised as extremely vulnerable - but...
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    [Albion] Premier League plans for the remainder of the season *** ALL FIXTURES POSTPONED 3rd April

    If all 20 clubs have signed up to that, I'd imagine a legal challenge would be... well, a challenge. Hope the EFL's rules align - would be awkward if Leeds end up with the 'right' to be promoted but nobody gets relegated.
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    [Albion] Premier League plans for the remainder of the season *** ALL FIXTURES POSTPONED 3rd April

    There must be some force majeure rules already written into the agreements that clubs sign to take part in the league, surely? Bit of an oversight if there isn't. No idea what they'd say, mind.
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    [Albion] Premier League plans for the remainder of the season *** ALL FIXTURES POSTPONED 3rd April

    Can we still open the summer transfer window as usual? I love the idea of squeezing in another "Albion need a striker to survive" binfest before we play another game.
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    [Other Sport] NSC 6 Nations 2020 Competition

    First-time playing and very much a part-time rrugby fan but I'll give it a go... Wales by 25 Ireland by 13 England by 1
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    [Politics] *** Official Question Time Thread 5/9/19 ***

    Even losing wouldn't guarantee an election. He could lose the vote and see the opposition parties line up behind Ken Clarke or Phillip Hammond as an interim PM/government (now that neither are officially Tories!). They'd get the extension and then call a general election. Of course, Boris could...
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    [Football] The Athletic

    Yes - I got that... before they charged me £59.99 anyway. Obviously I've sent them a very polite email pointing out the error and asking for the £30 back!
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    [Football] The Athletic

    Just a heads-up - despite signing up for the half-price offer (confirmed by email), I've had the full £59.99 deducted from my credit card. Worth checking your statement if you've signed up.
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    [Football] NSC Fantasy Football League 19-20 Season

    Good start so far...... for me and the other 5,000,000 players who've captained Salah in week 1. I've gone for Trossard - £6.0m quite cheap for someone who's (very probably) going to start most weeks, and could pick up something in the first 3 games.
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    [Football] Mascots - minutes silence

    Quite a few here - take your pick...
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    [Politics] By election result

    They've changed their tune - it was Laura Kuennsberg saying before that it was now too late :lolol: :jester: This is good news though.
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    [Politics] By election result

    It had >0% chance of being passed. It might have been small, but it wasn't zero. There is however, 0% chance of forcing a no-deal-preventing election now. Personally, I think if you have only one chance to stop a no-deal, however small, you take it... unless, of course, you're not actually that...
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    [Politics] By election result

    The problem is that it's already too late. If Labour called a motion of no-confidence on the very first day back from summer recess, the timeline means the resulting election would still be after Brexit day. Boris's first day as PM was Corbyn's one and only opportunity to try to force a...
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    [Humour] Just read that “should I own up” in gold

    Have Biscuits's videos sadly been removed from the internet, or just blocked on my server? They were/are the funniest thing ever to have happened to NSC.
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    [Politics] Boris Johnson, the new UK Prime Minister

    Not to mention Nadine bloody Dorries becoming a minister too :shootself
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    [Help] Anyone on here work for Virgin Media

    Virgin Media were initially absolutely shocking for me. I joined Virgin by necessity when I moved into my current flat as they are (frustratingly) the only company to offer high-speed broadband to my block. It took ELEVEN visits over the course of eight weeks to get it working - in a building...
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    [Football] Name the winners of the top 4 divisions 2018/19.

    A lot of celebrating in the city of Nottingham come May... and absolutely none in southern England. Man City Nott’m Forest Sunderland Notts County A lovely £5k payout if I get lucky enough for this to come in...
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    [Albion] Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I'm listening to the 5live commentary; "absolutely anonymous" is how they described Locadia...

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