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    Rail Delays - Broken (literally) down train at Battersea

    That and the fact there isn't many staff there anyway.
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    Breaking news - Blatter suspended!!!

    It's amazing that when the people with the money start talking, things actually happen......
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    Rail Delays - Broken (literally) down train at Battersea

    For those who are delayed coming home this evening, and/or love a good railway related cock-up, here is the cause. (Picture from Twitter) A coupling device between the coaches has (pretty obviously) failed, the train was luckily empty but is now stuck in 2 bits as the brakes have jammed on so...
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    Liam Rosenior signs on a 3-year deal

    Happy with this. Experience at the top level and is a step up from the inconsistent Bruno and Calde.
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    Reported for foul language by someone watching on the box

    Except the chant they really reported was actually the "Sea, Sea, Seasiders" one - one of the problems with people who dont actually know anything about the club and chants doing this. Where would this stop ? What is stopping me watching Chelsea vs Sunderland this weekend and calling the police...
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    But English isnt the minority language in the vast majority of towns and where it is - it would be mostly down to the large amount of foreign tourists/students this country gets. But still, keep spouting crap to fit your agenda.......
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    Ill call bullsh*t before anyone else does. You hear the odd person speak Polish, thats all and as long as they pay their taxes like anyone else they can speak however they like. If anything the foreign language you hear in Eastbourne is by the thousands of foreign students who come each Summer...
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    Are you team cop or team student?

    The police officer abused his power and assaulted the student. Sure he was acting up and being a bit of a dick, but it isnt an excuse for a police officer to assault someone. Luckily they were wearing a sound recorder, something more police along with a bodycam, should be wearing as then it...
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    [Travel] Trains to London from Brighton totally screwed this morning

    It is a private company, so its mainly gone towards making money for the parent group. Its wrong, but thats the system today. That said, Southern have had a load of new trains delivered lately, same for Thameslink, and will be getting a whole lot more delivered shortly as well, again same for...
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    POSSIBLE National Rail strike coming up

    Train companies have started to release travel plans for Monday and Tuesday. Its pretty much a normal service up until early afternoon on Monday, then nothing from Monday evening until Tuesday morning where a limited service would run - that is what most companies are doing on routes where they...
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    POSSIBLE National Rail strike coming up

    If only they could..... Oh hang on.....
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    POSSIBLE National Rail strike coming up

    The RMT have balloted Network Rail staff for industrial action, in which they have voted to do so. The type of action which will be taken isnt yet known but it would most likely be a national strike. However 92% of those who voted for action voted for something short of a strike, but it would...
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    Trains delayed

    Its always the best thing during disruption and why Thameslink is incredibly useful, but using St Pancras or Farringdon is always a better choice than Blackfriars or London Bridge as you would almost certainly get a seat !!
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    Trains delayed

    Frontline staff often have to fend for themselves with no info, by the time it comes out, its too late. Have seen lots of praise on Twitter for the staff who were evacuating trains, also the on-train staff who were also of course stranded as well.
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    Trains delayed

    Its because certain people in the rail industry think passengers are thick and wouldnt understand the full story - Brighton Station on Twitter, which isnt affiliated with Southern at all, gives out a lot of useful info as well, more so than Southern. And no, thats not happening, I've been told...
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    The OFFICIAL 2015 NFL Thread

    The Seahawks will have an interesting first round - ah wait, we got Jimmy Graham with that in a trade with the Saints !! Either way, the Seahawks are very good with late draft picks and have 11 picks in total this draft. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are experts at this with some previous...
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    Trains delayed

    A faulty conductor rail knocked the shoegear (which picks up the power supply from the 3rd rail) off a train, which ended up being stuck. That in turn caused a major power failure which stalled trains on the same line. A couple were evacuated and 1 was hauled back to Wandsworth by a diesel...
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    With Palace and latterly AFCB getting lucky with penalties, when did we last get awarded

    Middlesbrough last season ? Ulloa skied it badly. Last one we had home or away was Reading away this season.
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    North Ferriby Utd - FA Trophy Winners to Voluntary Relegation

    Being reported tonight that Conference North side North Ferriby United, who won the FA Trophy last month, have asked for voluntary relegation due to the financial backers of the club, a certain Allam family who also own Hull City, pulling out and refusing to put anymore money in. Shocking and...

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