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    [Albion] FA Cup SF: Purchase History window. Yes or No?

    Have to say I do totally agree. Because of my own severe illnesses I had to cancel my season ticket a few years back. I now go to matches only on the occasions that my health allows, and so I fully accept that I'm always going to be last on any list. Of course it's only right that STH and...
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    We all agree that touts are a plague on our sport and deserve to have the club rightly hound them. That being the case, can someone explain to me how there are apparently over 1500 tickets for Sunday's match on sale here...
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    Shop Gift Voucher - Charity Sale

    Any takers??
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    Shop Gift Voucher - Charity Sale

    Working for the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital/Rockinghorse charity, (charity no.1018759) we have been given a gift voucher for the club shop by a generous supporter of the charity to raise a little cash. It can only been be spent in the shop and not on tickets we are told, and so if you...
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    Dick Knight in today's Argus

    When Tim Carder and the fans unveiled the memorial board in Hove Park to celebrate our glory days of the Goldstone (and they were Glory Days), who were the only two officials from the club in its modern day guise to bother to come along? Both were GENUINE Albion fans and one was Dick. May I ask...
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    Is it possible we have been hoodwinked???

    I ask in all seriousness, is it at all possible that we the fans have been 'hoodwinked' here? The season ticket renewals took place this year earlier than usual, which made me suspicious at the time, and of course the club was riding the potential wave of promotion through the play-offs at the...
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    Olympic torch arrives in Sussex tomorrow,,10433~2849295,00.html
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    Is it wrong to love seagulls so much as to have one as a pet?

    I thought we had the only gull who did this. Where they have been blighted by some short sighted residents, they have come further in land. We have one particular bird that dominates the local crew, who we have affectionately named "Gully" (sorry I know its not original!) As soon as somebody...
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    Olympic torch don't get to close.

    When I was asked and said 'yes' it was on the understanding that I would be one of 8000 local heroes. To now find out that many of that number are Didier Drogba, Will I Am, Lewis hamilton etc who are there to add 'star quality' at the request of sponsors is a little galling. To then find out...
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    Olympic torch don't get to close.

    On my day, 17th July, there are at least ten, yes TEN Germans, two from France, and unbelieveably one runner from Moscow. As for the Torch going past your house, 80% of the route the torch is carried in like a miner's lamp INSIDE the security van. For example between Brighton and Crawley...
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    Olympic torch don't get to close.

    As one of the Torch carriers next week in Sussex, I have been given a list of do's and don'ts that reads like a version of war and peace. To be blunt most of 'the rules' are extremely petty, but relate to the fact that sponsors such as Samsung, Lloyds Bank, Coca Cola and EDF have the whole...
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    The Olympic flame came to my town today

    I have the honour/privilege of being one of the Torch carriers next week. I'll give you all a wave as I go by.
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    O/T - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae video

    With all this depression hanging over Falmer, I think we all need to cheer ourselves up a bit. I know. What about that excellent cheerleader video to put a smile on our faces?! Enjoy!
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    Will Vicente be at pre-season training tomorrow??

    Now I know the world has gone mad, when people start mentioning that utter knob Codner in the same sentence as Vicente!! More importantly, where has that video of the cheerleaders gone?
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    O/T - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae video

    It's been a boring day at work today, so what better to cheer you up than another outing for this classic posting. Enjoy...not too much!
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    O/T - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae video

    This has the legs (and other attributes) to run for at least a dozen pages. Best posting for months on NSC by far.
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    O/T - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae video

    1.44 1.08 2.14 1.55 ????? What a picky bunch you lot are!! Surely Mods this must be a sticky (pardon the pun)
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    O/T - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae video

    Given the version of this on You Tube with the Miss USA girls and Donald Trump, maybe Martin Perry could gather together his harem for a version? Now that would be funny?!
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    I think some people need to RAISE their expectations of next season

    Personally the more relevant question is oldest one known to football fans; "Would you rather repeatedly win 1-0 and be successful, or see entertaining 2-2 draws with the odd 4-3 win maybe and some losses, not be successful, but more importantly enjoy the ride?" After watching West Ham down...

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