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    [Albion] STH Guest tickets - help out deserving NSC friends

    Far too over protective... :) The biggest danger with these guest tickets is that some of them will end up in the hands of Man Utd fans or other non-Albion fans only there for a day out. Longstanding Albion fans without STH or MyA+ are the best possible recipients.
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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Anyone know anything about BoxPark ticket arrangements yet? Did we buy them through the club last time?
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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Number in queue dropping fast. Savvy users with multiple devices no doubt.
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    Is this on YouTube or similar?
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    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    Lovely. Similar to his goal at Wolves?
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    [Albion] Australia v Ecuador (24th & 28th March)

    This. He is the definition of a Rolls Royce footballer. Key player in a strong Ecuador performance today.
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    [Albion] Australia v Ecuador (24th & 28th March)

    Very enjoyable watch. So much love for Perv and Mois.
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    [Albion] Wembley SF Ticket Purchase Priority

    :) in which case we should sell out this allocation of 34K but probably only just...
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    [Albion] Wembley SF Ticket Purchase Priority

    How many did we sell last time? I would guess that demand might be quite similar with some positive and negative factors influencing it...??
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    [Finance] Base rate increase.

    Is anyone on here willing to admit to being an Estate Agent? Property sales in Eastbourne seem to be at an all time slow rate especially at the upper end of the market. With so few sales, and active buyers in the market, it is hard to determine whether real property values are actually falling...
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    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    It is very odd. W3H was "sold out" a few days ago and now, with 48 hours to kick off, has 43 seats available to sell which are all singles. If someone could invent software that allowed ticket sellers to avoid this situation they'd make a fortune.
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    [Albion] Mosaic Event as players walk out

    Very rare to actually laugh out loud while reading NSC... excellent work.
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    [Albion] Mosaic Event as players walk out

    Is it only me that thinks the choice of game for this might be a bit mistaken? The Grimsby fans will want to be waving their inflatable haddock as their players walk out and so they should... how is that going to work with the card display? Are we expecting them to put down their trademark...
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    [Football] How do we improve next season?

    I like your style @Mt.Fuji :) On a serious note, "we" will absolutely be looking somehow for further improvement next season. But it is very hard to believe that we can have much success in fighting it out for position (behind Man City and Arsenal) with Man United, Liverpool, Newcastle...
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    [Football] Are the Nigels going down?

    Amazing table. Very clear about the Top 7 being the seven best teams this year. Newcastle, Liverpool, Tottenham and us given roughly equal chances of making Champions League.
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    [Albion] Was the atmosphere last night a bit underwhelming ?

    And they wouldn't have been even happier singing Albion songs to the players and taunting the Palace fans...? Maybe I'm just a bit too old school.
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    [Albion] Was the atmosphere last night a bit underwhelming ?

    Atmosphere overall last night was decent given the tenseness of the viewing. Has been done to death at least a million times on here but just because the singing of the Albion fans doesn't sound loud to you from your seat in the South Stand half of the ground AT TIMES IN THE MATCH WHEN YOU...
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    [Albion] Was the atmosphere last night a bit underwhelming ?

    Disco music at full time is shit. We've just won a big match - let the crowd sing Albion songs. Boomingly loud irrelevant pop music isn't better just because its louder. Can someone (FAB? Bozza?) please get this communicated effectively to the people who decide this stuff at the club...
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    [Albion] Held back after the game

    Was very good fun - excellent Albion experience for junior especially. We had to break out of the West Stand to be able to join in.
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    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    :D The World Cup was brilliant and VAR only intrudes occasionally. This is probably the best ever season for the Premier League. I wonder if everything about Palace being totally shit might be the real reason for your "lack of interest"...?

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