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  1. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] REMINDER - Europa League tickets went on sale today....

    Does anyone know what happens if both teams from Lisbon make it through? They can’t both play on that Thursday for the first leg so wonder if it moves to the Wednesday or would they swap the home advantage for one of the games?
  2. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    Some of our fan base have a real problem with the lad. A guy one row behind straight after he scored, if he could only finish the east ones he’d be on loads this season. He’s just scored an unbelievable goal and that’s the first thing he says! Hope he gets up to 15 goals this year to really...
  3. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] The "Season Ticket Renewals 2021/22" thread

    Has anyone attempted the change of name on the Season Ticket yet? I did it on behalf of my mate that is passing it on and filled all the details out but my other friends hasn’t had any email to date? Wondering if anyone had any success and how long this takes?
  4. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Maupay

    Exactly this, yeah he’s miles off form but the two players to replace him have 2 goals each in their appearances and one missed an open goal the other missed a penalty! He literally is our only chance of regular goals until next season, let’s get behind the lad and give him some confidence from...
  5. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    In the 5 games he hasn’t started this year we’ve scored 1 goal picking up a measly 1 point. Our next top goalscorer is Dunk, let’s look elsewhere when it comes to a scapegoat, pretty sure the lad is our only chance of goals. Think we need to be questioning why we play 5 at the back with one...
  6. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] £14.95 to watch Albion

    That is the worst response on social media that I have seen in a long while to a single post, well other than Instagram when we leave jahanbakhsh out of the starting 11 each week.
  7. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United *** Official Match Thread ***

    Personally think we, me included, sing the praise of Dunk enough to highlight his captaincy here. How on earth is Dunk or Webster not marking Maguire at the corner. This really needs to improve as we’ve conceded 3 of our 6 goals from corners. Yes we can feel hard done by but none of this would...
  8. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    That Lallana substitution was very underrated, as soon as he came on Biss and Alzate started pinging the ball about again. 5 mins later it’s 3-0
  9. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Possible return of fans to the Amex (incorporating the Q and A forum on 17th August)

    Did it get mentioned if the group of 5 is set for every ballot or can you enter as an individual for the next?
  10. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Crass comment from Sky commentator

    Think I might be right in saying we’ve only ever spent one game week in the relegation zone in the full 3 season. Seams a crazy stat when you think of how much we’re regarded as a team “struggling” all the time
  11. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool *** Official Match Thread ***

    I’m fairly sure 90% of people will still get Davy a 7 match rating. Gets away with that loose touch every week
  12. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    For 6 and there is a 10% discount going about for us Brighton fans
  13. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    See link to twitter with a poll on the next guest pie on our online shop. 1247834142387179520 I know there are a few on here who like the Chilli pie...
  14. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    One thing that’s been great is hearing all the amazing stories of where these pies are going to! Yes it is a good point about having a note on being able to freeze, I will see if we can get this added to our allergen label. I am also keen to get some dedicated delivery times for those in the...
  15. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    I think they have left for the day today. I know I will be going in briefly in the morning with my Brother to do a few bits, but not planning on opening (send a DM if you are able to come by in the morning)
  16. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    We had a few deliveries outside of online left that allowed us to go to a few people en route. With this being completely new to us we will probably have some adaptions as we go along. For the time being though, this has helped keep our delivery drivers having regular hours which is great...
  17. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [News] Sky Sports pause

    I just did this online and the Sky Sports package is still available to watch you just don't get charged!
  18. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    There will be labels on the box with shelf life of the products. If you don’t think it will be eaten in time you can freeze for up to 3 months
  19. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    Yes, I would check with but as of today we still were. It’s the case of protecting staff as best as possible, but with hand sanitisers on entry and limited time at the unit we are carrying on at the moment
  20. Shoreham Beach Seagull

    [Albion] Piglets Pantry

    We are delivering all of the local deliveries via our two vans that would usually doing deliveries to all the sports stadiums. If you aren’t in we can leave in a safe place or with a neighbour (if you trust them not to eat on your behalf)

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