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  1. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Everton tickets

    No tickets left when finally got in through the queue. I guess will just have to keep checking for returns or additional ones added Oops-got signed out! All ok for Everton away and Forest at home. Looking forward to new season and the players we’ve signed…
  2. NottinghamGull

    [Travel] Amalfi / Positano / Capri

    So many options in this area. Would support the Salerno stay option for savings costs if that is important. Would also go with car and just drive with an Italian mindset!! Capri, Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, Pompei, Herculaneum are great days out. Food and drink fantastic. If you like a hike...
  3. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Predict the way the match will go….

    I’d happily settle for any/all of the following: Crowd getting behind team from the kick off A win of any type Clean sheet Early goal to give us hope Team playing well even if we lose No injuries or red cards to impact the PL run in It’s a big ask to do enough to win through to the next...
  4. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AS Roma *** Official Match Thread ***

    A few around town. Some group of youngsters and then some you might avoid later this wvening
  5. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Can we get The Great Escape played before the game starts?

    Was a joy singing the “two nil…” version after the final whistle in Marseille. Went on for a good few minutes
  6. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] We couldn’t could we… Roma at home

    Keep believing until the end…. Imagine leaving this game at half time as a home fan!
  7. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] An Albion Avalanche

    Due to distance and time, I’ve had to leave some midweek matches before the final whistle. Not this one! Hotel room booked. Drinks in Brighton before and in W3U during the match. Staying to the very end to clap the team for the joy they’ve given me on this European run. And then enjoy some...
  8. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Will people bother going to the home tie next week?

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Wednesday and Thursday night hotel booked for son and self. Who knows when this might happen again? It’s the last 16 in Europe against Roma and we’ve already played Athens, Ajax and Marseille. I’ll look back when I’m even older than now and at least think I...
  9. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    MA+ member with 112 points originally and now 127 after Wolves added so not enough for non STH first pick. Had flight Tuesday - Saturday for £83 and did not go because I thought it would not drop to next tier of MA+ for match ticket. Now heard it has done = gutted! At least I have tickets for...
  10. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    MA+ with 112. Went to Wolves yesterday but the 15 from that game not counted. So just missed out on the 123 boundary. My son just made it but no point him trying at 9am as I cannot get in until 12 and we will only go if both can get a ticket. Hope I can at least try on exchange later but fear...
  11. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    Check out some of the local SIM packages. As well as the usual data/phone/SMS bundle some include quite large amounts of sports and social media for free. I watched a whole game live in November whilst sailing between Barbuda and Antigua without any UK subscription.
  12. NottinghamGull

    [Help] Parking (not near the stadium) - advice please

    Also try JustPark and a bit of a walk
  13. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    MA+ member and already have ticket with son for home leg. Flight booked Tuesday to Saturday from East Midlands for £83 return on the off chance I can get an away ticket. Got lucky at Marseille. Need another slice of that. Will take the local bar with other Seagulls if no ticket. Nothing...
  14. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Come on You Lot. Help Needed!

    Two pints less to drink this weekend. Good for Katie and possibly better for me too!
  15. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Nice piece from the club

    Very good. Thanks for spreading the word. Now just need to get “Stand or Fall” out on release…..
  16. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Joao Pedro's celebration

    Can we have our player back, please
  17. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] 'fess up early leavers

    So glad I stayed with mum in Eastbourne. Even had a couple of beers in WSU after the players had left the pitch. Although my son nearly missed trains back to London. His Uber quote was £110 to Clapham. But some useful delays and a cross platform sprint meant he made it just in time. I’ve...
  18. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Olympique de Marseille *** Official Match Thread ***

    And then this happens. How many other clubs could/would do this in the 74th minute at 0-0 with a game you have to win? What a great manager we have Off Jack Hinshelwood 11/04/2005 18 years 8 months 4 days Facundo Buonanotte 23/122004 18 years 11 months 23 days On James Milner 04/01/1986 37...
  19. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Olympique de Marseille *** Official Match Thread ***

    So looking forward to this game. Getting ready for drive to Eastbourne so I can catch the train and enjoy the full match experience this evening. No leaving early tonight. No 2am back home. Alcohol allowed. Whatever the result, I will enjoy today to the max.
  20. NottinghamGull

    [Albion] AEK Athens - ticketing process, tiers and all that jazz

    Thanks to everyone for posting updates and the comparisons. Great to hear all the stories and see some of the videos. I do feel I missed out on the life experience of tear gas though!! My son and I could only get tickets for the Marseille away game of the three. Would have loved to go to the...

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