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    When did it start to go wrong?

    We could have 3 years to replace them and still wouldn't manage it
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    When did it start to go wrong?

    As soon as we sold our best players and didn't replace them
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    North Stand Nonsense

    If there is a problem deal with it there and then, whats the point in going home and posting it on NSC?
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    The NEW official Fantasy Premier League . . .

    Post your teams on here if you want Good luck
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    The NEW official Fantasy Premier League . . .

    As we had some trouble with people getting in the league that was created i think last season i have created a new one so that everyone can join just in time for the start of the premier league tomorrow... The website is: and the league Code is: 2162936-457728...
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    Palace Away

    Absolute joke that i cant go because i dont have enough LP, the LP system is shit, its a disgrace
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    Play Off ticket purchase issues

    On the seagulls website when clicking on tickets on home games it say Albion Vs Nottingham Forest for the play off semi-final, not sure whether to purchase the ticket or wait until its modified and the problem is sorted, did anyone else notice this? and who has purchased even though it says Notts?
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    The NSC BIG win cash giveaway competition - ROLLOVER £50 jackpot !!!!1!!1!!!1

    Half-time result: Wolves Albion goals: 1 Wolves goals: 2 First Albion goalscorer: Buckley
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    The NSC BIG win cash giveaway competition - TRIPLE ROLLOVER £100 jackpot !!!!1!!1!!!1

    Half-time result: Draw Albion goals: 1 Middlesbrough goals: 0 First Albion goalscorer: Barnes
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    NSC Championship Prediction League 2012/13

    Saturday 1st September 2012 Millwall V Middlesbrough 0-2 Barnsley V Bristol City 1-3 Birmingham V Peterborough 1-0 Burnley V Brighton 1-1 Crystal Palace V Sheff Wed 1-1 Derby V Watford 1-2 Hull V Bolton 0-2 Ipswich V Huddersfield 2-2 Leeds United V Blackburn 1-2 Nottm Forest V Charlton 1-0...
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    This has been blown out of proportion, lets move on :)
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    I think he is defo scared from that comment, just to let you know
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    You obviously dont know Craig Noone as well as you think, he looked at the kid and ignored him. So ashley cole was outside signing things for a long time does that now mean he realises how lucky he is? Does that now mean he would be mortified if a 7 year old shouted his name and he ignored him...
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    Deluded fans that think the know the player, and they cannot admit it when a player is being a bit of a twat
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    I am an Albion fan, probably know more about the club then you do, just cos i was born and raised as a West Ham fan, about 90% of Brighton fans have 2 clubs, doesn't mean I'm less of a supporter than you are.
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    And your obviously "One of the boring twats a bit too much"
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    Noone abuse in twitter

    you all think you know Noone as a "Top Bloke" but sat with @bijansamandi and as this kid that appeared to be around 8 was screaming his name holding a pen and a programme asking Noone to sign it, Craig looked at him and blanked him completely, what bijansamandi said, is true, you think you know...
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    Gully's Girls

    I laughed.
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    Illuminati Olympics

    Heard loads of illuminati stuff surrounding the Olympics so i watched this. . . Guessing most of it is just coincidence really, not sure though
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    Kuipers Testimonial

    Its cos the Chelsea game is gonna cost a bit and its a few days before, no other reason really

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