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  1. Uncle Buck

    [Football] EURO 2024 - Official Thread

    At least it is in Munich, so do not have 3 days of bagpipes being played in Berlin. The best fans is the world blind drunk, pissing in the street, sleeping rough and not washing. Moritzplatz U Bahn is already a haven of rough sleepers taking crack and smack and I suspect the Tartan Army...
  2. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] What’s the worst away day in the 92?

    Ninian Park and the Vetch were 2 that were always a mix of interesting and lethal. That 2-2 draw at the Vetch on a Friday night around 1999 is still one of those how did we survive. Not helped by being thrown out of our digs at 1130pm, breaking back in at 1am, sneaking back out at 7am and...
  3. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] "I think he's an Albion fan", Amsterdam/Ajax edition

    8 hours and 5 Brewdog beers to choose from in the package. What can go wrong?
  4. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] "I think he's an Albion fan", Amsterdam/Ajax edition

    German bureaucracy got in the way of doing the legal bit in Berlin, pesky auslander. So 15 minute job in Copenhagen, then beers in Mikkelar.
  5. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] "I think he's an Albion fan", Amsterdam/Ajax edition

    0630 on the Thursday, Berlin HBF to Amsterdam, return around 11am on the Friday, but just the start of a week of trips. Travelling out to Amsterdam with @Herr Tubthumper . Will be good to be travelling with him again, been a while. Sunday 710am flight Berlin to Gatwick. 8pm Gatwick to Berlin...
  6. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] Was there a better site than Falmer

    Weird reading this having lived through the struggles to actually get a ground in Brighton and Hove. This season the pre game transport has been a bit roulette based, although on Sunday the 138pm from Brighton was empty and one drink post match allowed minimal queuing to get the train and was...
  7. Uncle Buck

    [Football] How much did the Marseille cost you ? / Athens trip tips.

    Amsterdam was fairly reasonable, direct train was about €120 return, first class. Motel One was a standard price. Athens not too bad, Scoot flight really cheap, but slightly concerned it will end up in Singapore...
  8. Uncle Buck

    [Football] International Pascal Gross Day - 31st August 2023

    A very pleasant beer as well. Thanks.
  9. Uncle Buck

    [Travel] Airports and flying

    The Berlin ones do not generally go from the same gate! Easy enough to work out end of the airport. Gate announced 1 hour before the gates 100 plus. Less than an hour, then Wetherspoons end gates (North Terminal). Fast Track security in the North Terminal helps.
  10. Uncle Buck

    [Misc] How can the NHS survive in its current form ?

    The dentist point was a real surprise in Berlin. Pretty much all included in the public insurance. For instance SBK covered the removal of 4 wisdom teeth, slight worry was the dentist in a former DDR building at Alexandraplatz seemed to enjoy her work a bit too much. If I had to have these...
  11. Uncle Buck

    [News] German Strikes.

    The strike, plus the U2 being knackered around Alexandraplatz means I have a section of the office to myself today. Fantastic.
  12. Uncle Buck

    [Brighton] Van Gogh Immersive Experience Coming To Brighton

    Went to it in Berlin a couple of year's ago. Best thing was it was next door to BRLO beer garden and it was a nice day.
  13. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] Southampton Away - Transport Help

    Thank you and have a great Christmas as well.
  14. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] Southampton Away - Transport Help

    A bounce in hope more than anything
  15. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] Southampton Away - Transport Help

    Long time no post, so hello out there. A bit of a desperate stab in the dark, but back for Christmas and after a lift to Southampton on Boxing Day. Staying in Farnham, Surrey, frustratingly 45 minutes from Southampton but carless. Are there any Albion fans, based in the Farnham, Aldershot...
  16. Uncle Buck

    [News] Face Masks and Covid Passes to end in England from next Thursday

    Fine in 2020, but not in 2021 or now where Amazon are.selling FFP2 masks by the bucket load.
  17. Uncle Buck

    [News] Face Masks and Covid Passes to end in England from next Thursday

    It would probably help if the UK did not think that a cloth covering was enough. Research has shown that FFP2 masks do make a difference but for some reason, the UK government ignored this and did not make them the de factor mask. Probably too late now. Bumble***** policy of herd immunity is...
  18. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] 5.30 Kick offs

    Hopefully at some point Easyjet will put the 0940 on. I could be in the Caxton by 1145am is everything worked. For this weekend it is going to be the U8 from Mortizplatz at 5am and then the joys of that awful new airport. Also there seem to be engineering works on the Brighton mainline this...
  19. Uncle Buck

    [Albion] 5.30 Kick offs

    It is a real pain, there is only one flight on a Saturday to Gatwick at the moment, that lands at 8am. Long day ahead pre game.
  20. Uncle Buck

    [News] Booster Jab walk ins

    All booked for December as 2 Astrazeneca jabs means you qualify for a booster. However at the weekend they have now said anyone they wants a booster jab can have one, whatever your criteria.

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