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  1. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Amex pitch size reduction ?

    I believe that Man City done this when converting the athletics track into the current ground
  2. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    Didn't realise he would put money straight in to improve the ground
  3. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Benfica & Sporting

    I would guess it would be moved to early Wednesday as to not affect the weekend fixtures and not clash with CL games
  4. Echo the Seagull

    [Football] Everton Points Deduction.

    Suppose this depends on the punishment they receive. Get a "Rangers" style drop to league 2 and it might be worthwhile to cash in on player sales and take the accounting FFP hit in 1 year but have the opportunity to grow with cash in the bank. I don't know what a subsequent FFP breach would...
  5. Echo the Seagull

    [Other Sport] F1 2024

    Think Gene had enough of Haas looking like focking vankers
  6. Echo the Seagull

    [Other Sport] F1 2023

    Baku 2019- George Russell the victim of the jumping drain covers. The recovery vehicle then hit a bridge with its crane and leaked hydraulic fluid into his car. Not sure how much the chuckle brothers charged for this service but worth every penny!
  7. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    Claiming the club is older than it is? Administration?
  8. Echo the Seagull

    [Football] Jamaal Lascelles

    That will be our next striker signing
  9. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Who has been Brightons best ever transfer signing?

    A good question. I had to exclude Ward from my reckoning as I am too young to have seen him play (I know, bad fan :ROFLMAO:) After some careful deliberation, I voted for Gross. A player so consistent and down low brilliant that he is a 1st choice pick under 3 different managers, using 3 very...
  10. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Bart Verbruggen SINGS a 5-year deal

    Seem to remember somebody saying Lewes have training in London area as the players were based that way Sure somebody can confirm
  11. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Summer Transfer window now open

    I believe its prised open
  12. Echo the Seagull

    [Help] Tea leaf neighbor

  13. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    20mm can make a big difference... or so I'm led to believe
  14. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    Having 1% of Benzema's ability, I am more than willing to settle for 1% of his wage... half a percent % is my final offer
  15. Echo the Seagull

    [Humour] Chelsea improving.

    It was a tight league, went down to the last 2 games
  16. Echo the Seagull

    [Football] Guardian Premier League Quiz

    An ecstatic 16 for me
  17. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] PL 2022/23 Expectation vs Reality Table

    Because expected top 4 heavyweights Liverpool and Chelsea had poor seasons and Newcastle had planned for Champs League next year? Only reason I can think to explain that. Given the cash spent, I can only assume Europa League was the aim this year with another summer to flash the cash before a...
  18. Echo the Seagull

    [Albion] Premier League average = £1.9m of salary per league point, Albion...

    I like the 10 bonus points for winning every game, nice touch by the premier league
  19. Echo the Seagull

    [Misc] Where to buy a car?

    I recently got a car via Cazoo. Was stalking it on autotrader for a couple of months then noticed they dropped the price into my price bracket so swooped. Service from them has been decent so no complaints so far.

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