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  1. Bry Nylon

    [Misc] Anyone keep chickens? WTAF did I agree to it?

    Blimey. Your cock can reach your knee.
  2. Bry Nylon

    [NSC] This ignore member, ignore thread stuff....

    You could try limiting your access to NSC for a few days? Alternatively, I can do that for you.
  3. Bry Nylon

    [Politics] The 2024 US Election - Trump v ??? **Biden Drops Out 21/07**

    the prospect of him carrying on is unthinkable tbh and those around him have a duty of care not to allow him to go on, for his own sake as much as for their country. It’s ridiculous that it has even got to this point.
  4. Bry Nylon

    [Politics] The 2024 US Election - Trump v ??? **Biden Drops Out 21/07**

    Imagine being the person with a public image WORSE than Joe Biden? :moo:
  5. Bry Nylon

    [Football] The Harry Kane Problem

    Agreed. Plus as captain it is a shame that Kane didn't adopt more of a leadership role for the good of the team role and recognise that his repeated inclusion in the starting 11 was massively detrimental. Especially as Kane is to winning trophies what Uncle Albert is to sailing.
  6. Bry Nylon

    [News] Mass IT Outage

    This is exactly the sort of global IT outage that I always believed Bensgrandad (RIP) was going to inadvertently trigger, every time he tried to re-install some programme or other on a second-hand laptop with the help of his brother-in-law and a spurious USB stick. He'd be all over this.
  7. Bry Nylon

    [Politics] The 2024 US Election - Trump v ??? **Biden Drops Out 21/07**

    Looking increasingly like the thread title will need amending before the weekend is out. The question is, if Biden isn’t deemed well enough to contest the forthcoming election, is he capable of continuing as POTUS in the meantime?
  8. Bry Nylon

    [Help] Post length

    Yes - sorry. That was me. I was trying to quickly read the thread on my phone during a brief lunch break and having to scroll through your 20'000 character masterpiece really irritated me, so when I'd finally got to the end, I junked it. Probably just me.
  9. Bry Nylon

    [Misc] Plumbing advice?

    What I do in situations such as this is simply avoid going in the loft. Problem solved.
  10. Bry Nylon

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    True. And conversely, if Trump is re-elected, the Kremlin will have an ear in the Oval Office. (Plus another one, somewhere in a field in Pennsylvania).
  11. Bry Nylon

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    Especially as the only size available 24hrs post-launch will be XXXL
  12. Bry Nylon

    [Politics] The Labour Government

    What, the Sheriff in The Dukes of Hazzard? Hardly feels like a first term priority, tbh.
  13. Bry Nylon

    [Football] The Harry Kane Problem

    And 20 of them were when he got subbed off
  14. Bry Nylon

    [Football] Will Lewis Dunk be secretly relieved...

    On the plus side, at least it won’t take him long to unpack.
  15. Bry Nylon

    [Football] The Harry Kane Problem

    Not auditions for the squad Christmas panto? ???
  16. Bry Nylon

    [Football] The Harry Kane Problem

    Watkins must have been absolutely buzzing after his last minute goal against the Dutch, brimming with confidence and raring to go. But instead he has to sit on the bench for an hour, watching Kane lumbering around in his own half like a sack barrow.
  17. Bry Nylon

    [Football] The Harry Kane Problem

    Last Euros final - one touch in the box This Euros final - one touch in the box Time to call an end to his international career
  18. Bry Nylon

    [Football] Euros 2024 - FINAL!!! Spain vs England

    Off out to smash up my neighbour’s Seat Ibiza. Someone PM me if we equalise. Cheers
  19. Bry Nylon

    [Football] Is football coming home? - Pole included

    I suspect we’re going to be on the wrong end of a right old battering tbh
  20. Bry Nylon

    [Football] 8pm (9pm local time) on a Sunday night is a RUBBISH time for a major European final to kick off

    It’s what we do best :) (Other than moaning about other people moaning, obvs).

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