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  1. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] How much is Wee Billy Gilmour worth?

    Worth about 25M so unless we want to sell, someone is gonna need to pay well over 30. If we do want to sell we might take 18-20.
  2. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Brajan Gruda

    Shhhhhhh people have never heard of him
  3. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Emile Smith-Rowe

    Having tried for Palmer and Alex Scott, he seems the next in line but rather a 3rd choice?
  4. HastingsSeagull

    [Football] Who do you want to be England manager?

    Know most of you will think I'm crazy but as with last time, way before his Leeds experience 1/ Bielsa (sadly in work this time around) 2/ Anyone half decent who's available and importantly who wants it but isn't Gareth
  5. HastingsSeagull

    [Football] Will Lewis Dunk be secretly relieved...

    Stones and Dunk would have been an ideal partnership. Ironically Konsa probably the best option as 3rd CB if going back three too. Walker nowhere near for me and Guehi very much a bench option all be it a welcome one squad wise.
  6. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    Will be my first kit since League 1 era. Assuming I can get one in a sensible size that is! Very nice (finally).
  7. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Onto the real stuff - What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

    3 at the back passing around and taking turns to charge forward. Solid balance of physical and technical in central midfield, wingbacks who focus on attack (not only Estupinan and Lamptey)
  8. HastingsSeagull

    [Football] Have you ever been to an England football game?

    Just the one....... Wednesday, 8th September 1993 Old Wembley vs Poland 3-0 aged 10 with my old man and a school mate. Never bothered since
  9. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Ferdi Kadioglu

    Had heard the Arsenal youngster was the new Saka, and Saka was very much a wingback (one of the most attacking roles in football) when he started out.
  10. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Ferdi Kadioglu

    Expect the young lad from Arsenal is the RWB rotation player and we realised we weren't going to manage to sneak this one under the radar anymore for a Brighton value price
  11. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Villarreal friendly 10/8/24

    QPR just me, but this one will take the old man and brother along
  12. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Ferdi Kadioglu

    Very flexible but I expect we have a position in mind for his main focus. If we haven't signed wing backs yet I suspect the right side is crying out for a player to come in and make the spot his own. Jack Hinshelwood can't play every minute there and neither can Lamptey. Milner if he sees the...
  13. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Malick Yalcouye **Singed 12/07/2024**

    Exciting if can add this deal to the ones already secured. I think he'll play deeper just because we seem to have for a single ACM position (as we're bound to play some wingers or wide forwards) Pedro (Groß) Enciso Buenonotte Moder And probably more I'm forgetting. But for a couple of deeper...
  14. HastingsSeagull

    [NSC] Election night thread structure protocol

    All in one place sounds the most fun
  15. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Malick Yalcouye **Singed 12/07/2024**

    This would be a RW and 2 central players who can be DM/CB and DM/CM. Just the right back to go?
  16. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] James Beadle

    Good move again but needs to play a few more games over the season this time.
  17. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Mats Wieffer SINGS on 5 year contract

    Exceptional signing although Friday would make sense for the photo holding a shirt.
  18. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Kyle Walker-Peters

    Not every signing is a wonderkid to sell for 60M+ 18 months later. Off the bench and getting minutes I like his flexibility. Of course not expecting him to come in and start every game. Big yes from me for the squad.
  19. HastingsSeagull

    [Politics] How busy are the Polling Stations where you live?

    Voted around 11am Nobody in the queue infront of me when arrived. 30 seconds later as I walked out there must have been 20 people. Word clearly got round quickly 😆
  20. HastingsSeagull

    [Albion] Mats Wieffer SINGS on 5 year contract

    At least until Netherlands are knocked out anyway, and the player then might have a holiday if they really are playing agent hardball.

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