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  1. Gazwag

    [Albion] Japan pre season

    FFS different season same injury crisis - when do these new doctors start ???
  2. Gazwag

    [Albion] Quiz question...

    Was that the last home match of the season and we played them first home match next season
  3. Gazwag

    [News] Mass IT Outage

    A major IT problem is disrupting transport, healthcare, businesses, and other sectors across the world Cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike blames an issues with one of its updates for Windows - it says the problem has been "identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed" Crowdstrike's shares are...
  4. Gazwag

    [News] Mass IT Outage

    I find I lose Wifi in my car as I drive away from my house
  5. Gazwag

    [Football] Guardian Euro 2024 Quiz

    Bert Verbruggen FFS
  6. Gazwag

    [Albion] New rules for purchasing Guest Tickets

    Use the online chat to ask the club or ring them
  7. Gazwag

    [Albion] Japan pre season

    keep and eye out for disguarded chop sticks, would want you to sit on one and open up old wounds
  8. Gazwag

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    Yes it was almost like the recording of the shooting jumped into a recording of the US Open and it was actually DeChambeau sinking the winning putt who has morphed into an air-punching Trump
  9. Gazwag

    [Albion] Everton tickets

    :facepalm: oops
  10. Gazwag

    [Albion] Everton tickets

    Arsenal being 1230 on a Bank Holiday weekend might just open the door Edit: which of course its not the bank holiday weekend at all :facepalm:
  11. Gazwag

    [NSC] QPR Friendly away 3 August

    No worries at all
  12. Gazwag

    [Football] England ticket question

    My daughter and her boyfriend were there but they went into the ground when the gates opened so had no issues and the supporters around them were decent, however for the Swiss game they were unfortunate to have a load of our twattish supporters around them and didn't enjoy it one bit, when Saka...
  13. Gazwag

    [Albion] Everton tickets

    Thanks for posting, I had tried again on Avanti and just couldn't get the direct train up and most others had no seats left. I have now tried trainline, I never use them normally as you get the same tickets direct without the extra fees, but it was the only way I could get tickets, got mine all...
  14. Gazwag

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    Whilst trying to find his shoes
  15. Gazwag

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    I'm not sure about the sponsors logo "Experience Kis Sim Mee" sounds like something Jimmy Saville would say behind the scenes
  16. Gazwag

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    So was he just the fall guy
  17. Gazwag

    [Albion] Fannying about at the back

    If only the England manager regularly watched Premier league matches and noticed how football has evolved

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