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  1. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Interestingly (I use that loosely) Fabrizio Romano doesn’t seem to be reporting this move at all. I know I’m clutching at straws…
  2. Affy

    [Albion] Knocky Retires

  3. Affy

    [Football] Penalties

    Maybe he practices brushing the outside of the post from 13 years knowing it will be the inside of the post from 12 yards 😂 But that no looking at the ball is another level mind games.
  4. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Milner…. Looking forward to seeing those lungbusting runs, Milner turns and a top speed a 1 legged pigeon. Succession planning coming to fruition clearly 😂😂
  5. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Purely speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to do with the American Express sponsorship. Probably lucrative enough that Tony agrees to add no further naming.
  6. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Surely the turnstiles. Then we can all enter the Amex through the Groß Turn(stiles). Best I could do. Sorry
  7. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Because the club clearly don’t know how to be sustainable. We let Ali Mac go for a fraction of his value and he left with our blessing and the majority here were pleased he got the move he wanted. He served us well, behaved well and was respectful. Pascal has been here far longer and done more...
  8. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    No. He can go with our best wishes on a free for all he has done if he wants too.
  9. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Because Pascal is leaving whether you like it or not. How he leaves is important. He’s been a fantastic servant for 7 years. are you really suggesting that the club should get an extra couple of million and force him to stay for the last year so he leaves pissed off and resentful? There isn't a...
  10. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Weiffer coming in alongside WBG will allow a new CAM. Could be Facu or Julio or a new signing. You won’t see a replacement Gross come in simply because there isn’t one. He is a unique player. As to price, see my previous, this will be an “undisclosed” transfer I suspect with a token fee for a...
  11. Affy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Out of respect to Pascal who has been exceptional and professional in every single sense since he signed for the club. As previous posters have pointed out, he has been clear in saying he wants to return to Germany. We do not need to be a “strong position” for this. We are letting Pascal move on...
  12. Affy

    [Other Sport] Which sports do you play?

    Used to play rugby and football. Also used to race powerboats as teenager. These days it’s walking cycling and karate trying to get into a human shape.
  13. Affy

    [Albion] The 2023-24 Loanee Tracker Thread

    Anyone heard any noises on Kozlowski and Mazilu? Heard very good things when they singed but not much in the way of whether they are close to a first team place? And are we keeping Sarmiento do you think?
  14. Affy

    [Albion] What are the positions which we have to definitely sign players in?

    If we can get Mats Weiffer over the line then I understand he can double as CB and DM so he seems a good option to cover both. Pacey RB and a replacement for Groß if he does go (though where you find one is beyond me). We also have Hinshlewood coming back to cover RB and/or CM. Then maybe...
  15. Affy

    [Misc] 40-60 yr olds..can you assist?

    41 - social media - whilst I despise it, I just can’t seem to break the habit. I have Facebook which I mainly use for news having culled my “friends” from over 1500 down to under 50 And really only use it now for marketplace (which means I must use messenger but otherwise I don’t touch it). I...
  16. Affy

    [Albion] Guessing Game

    Fulham Away
  17. Affy

    [Albion] De Zerbi was NOT “sacked”

    I didn’t see this coming. But I glad It’s not a PL team next. Good luck to him. We’ll see him back at the A,ex in 2026 when we beat Marseille again the EL!
  18. Affy

    [Football] New Kits Thread - 24-25 Season

    Here. Have some more stick. Looks like my nan’s old kitchen curtains.
  19. Affy

    [Politics] Who would be in your celebrity Cabinet?

    Prime Minister - Dame Maggie Smith Chancellor - joint - Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden Home Secretary - David Tennant Foreign Secretary - David Attenborough Education - Dara OBrien Transport - Rowan Atkinson Health - Jessica Ennis-Hill Culture, media and sport - David Beckham...
  20. Affy

    [Albion] Best manager under Bloom?

    Not sure it really needs a poll does it? Only manager to guide us to our highest ever finish and European football. Yes, 2024 has been poor but he is still the best we have had in PL as no one has finished higher/won anything.

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