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  1. carlzeiss

    [Politics] The Labour Government

    And there's me thinking Pakistan beat us to it
  2. carlzeiss

    [Football] Who do you want to be England manager?

    Have you listened to her punditry on the BBC , makes the likes of Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer,and Ian Wright sound like first year apprentices and on probably a fraction of the remuneration they receive from hard pressed license payers
  3. carlzeiss

    [Football] Who do you want to be England manager?

    The jewel in the BBC's crown Alex Scott would be my first choice , loads of experience at club and international level plus 3 boxes ticked to boot whats not like (y)
  4. carlzeiss

    [Politics] Trump under fire.
  5. carlzeiss

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

  6. carlzeiss

    [Albion] Onto the real stuff - What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

    No more Industrial action and disruption by railway staff . Should be so now that we have a sensible Labour government in charge :thumbsup:
  7. carlzeiss

    [Football] What's the most excited you've been for a football match in the 21st century?

    First game at the Goldstone Ground , Wallsal 1969 FA cup fixture FA Cup final 1983 , 1st league game at Falmer , Doncaster 2011 Compared with those, tomorrows game in Berlin barely registers
  8. carlzeiss

    [News] Nigel Farage and Reform

    I'm doing just fine thanks so no help required :smile:
  9. carlzeiss

    [Misc] Electric Cars

  10. carlzeiss

    [News] Nigel Farage and Reform

    No what you will get is a streamlined service with programming aimed at the companies subscribers who are funding it
  11. carlzeiss

    [News] Nigel Farage and Reform

    " Stop Sharia law being used in the UK " , truly shocking part of The reform manifesto if what you have posted is correct . What is the problem with Sharia law anyway , seems to work just fine in Saudi Arabia and Iran for their citizens As for scrapping the BBC TV license payment though ...
  12. carlzeiss

    [Brighton] Looking for a Flat

    £600 K for a flat , paid 25.5 K for my first 2 bed purpose built wit a garage . Tories out
  13. carlzeiss

    [Politics] How long will Nige serve the voters of clacton

    No idea , why not ask him ?
  14. carlzeiss

    [Albion] Parking for Manchester United on sale

    Just let the train take the strain , it's included in the ground admission price
  15. carlzeiss

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2024/25 Edition

    The FA cup Extra preliminary draw has been made with some massive local derby's in there including Horsham YMCA v Newhaven , Peacehaven v Shoreham , Saltdean v AFC Varndeanians , Hassocks v Haywards Heath Eastbourne Town v LittleCommon Full draw here along with The FA Trophy , FA Vase and...
  16. carlzeiss

    [Politics] Labour Party meltdown incoming.......

    May just have to get used to this and possibly worse unless Palestine is recognized and Gazza rebuilt soon as promised by Angela Raynor

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