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    [Football] Who do you want to be England manager?

    My first choice would be Eddie Howe but I suspect Newcastle wont let him go so it will be Lee Carsley. Not keen on Potter but happy to be proved wrong!
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    [Football] Enzo Fernandez involved in racist chant

    They were representing Argentina, the Argentinian FA should ban each one of them (that can be proved to be singing along) from representing them for 6 months or a year. Chelsea are in a tricky position as I can't imagine any of Enzo's team mates will be happy with working alongside someone who...
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    [Albion] Astrid, u ok hun x

    Looking for tractors?
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    [News] Nigel Farage and Reform

    I think it;s a great idea to privatise the BBC. Privatisation has worked really well with the other industries. Well, worked for the shareholders anyway.
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Semi Final - Netherlands vs England

    Funny how when beat teams it is them not being of any note. Even if we were to beat Holland and Spain someone will be saying that we were lucky to play them on an off day. If we can still win, despite that players not playing to their expected potential, then someone must be doing a very good...
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    [Albion] Albion Women

    Top four finish! I can't see any out of Chelsea, Man City, Arse and Liverpool finishing outside the top four. 7th is much more realistic.
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    [Albion] £722

    Try via Frankfurt. LHR to Frankfurt £293 return Train to Berlin £131 return
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    [Albion] Fran Kirby

    Quite a statement signature. She was apparently the 4th highest paid player in the WSL, I wonder what sort of money she has been offered.
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    [Misc] Giant Wasps

    I thought Brexit was supposed to stop these Europeans coming over here
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 3

    I do agree that he is vastly overpaid for a seemingly part time job, his salary seems to have over doubled since he started. I suspect that it would take a fair chunk to get any big name interesting in taking over from Southgate and possibly more if it isn't an Englishman. He's expected to...
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 3

    Southgate has been very good for England. He isn't the best manager in the world but even though it is well paid, who else would manage England for £4 million a year? Armchair England fans have never warmed to him but fans who attend England matches have understood that he is as good as we...
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    [Football] Guardian Euro 24 Quiz

    You got...5/24 I shouldn't have bothered.
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    [Football] Guardian Euro 24 Quiz

    Is that the correct link?
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    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 3

    Harsh crowd here, again. It's as if people are dissapointed that England won! A win, is a win, is a win.
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    [TV] Inside No. 9 - New Series

    Was he in Midsomer Murders?
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    [Football] Club v Country

    I suspect that the only place you would get the published results is actually at an England match.
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    [Politics] Artists Boycotting Barclays...

    I agree with most of this. I'm happy to boycott although I don't tell anyone as whoever you tell is most likely to come back with whatabout which I often have no answer to. My boycott of Barclays and Shell started 35 years ago and I see no reason to stop it now! The fact that other banks and...
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    [Football] Man City launch legal action against Premier League

    Take away the big 6/7 and a new big 3 would appear, soon to be joined by 3 or 4 others. These would be dominated by clubs with (owners who have) the deepest pockets. It may be fun for a few seasons but would revert back to how it has always been, just with different names at the top.
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    [Football] EURO 2024 - Official Thread

    Unoriginal but Germany or France to win. England will hopefully get to the semi finals and, depending on the draw, possibly the final. Denmark, dark horses. Albania and Scotland there to make up the numbers.
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    [Football] Next England manager poll

    Taking over from Southgate will be like taking over from Potter in that most of the hard work will have been done before they arrive. We (England) have the attacking players in place but it needs someone to change the tactics to suit the players we have in place, perhaps a 3-5-2. I suspect...

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