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  1. Lurchy

    [Football] New Kits Thread - 24-25 Season

    I approve of the new Malaga shirt. Wish we had Hummel.
  2. Lurchy

    [Albion] Bart Verbruggen SINGS a 5-year deal

    It’ll likely be Bayern next summer.
  3. Lurchy

    [Albion] Yukinari Sugawara

    Looks like he’s going to Southampton for a bargain price…
  4. Lurchy

    [Football] New Kits Thread - 24-25 Season

    I actually really like the new Pescara kit. Elegantly simple.
  5. Lurchy

    [Albion] James McAtee - Bid rejected

    His versatility could come in useful though…
  6. Lurchy

    [Albion] James McAtee - Bid rejected

    Looks like he will be on the move… wonder how high he is on our list.
  7. Lurchy

    [Albion] James Beadle

    Looks like he’ll be spending next season back in Sheffield.
  8. Lurchy

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    We should arrange for them to play a pre-season friendly at the Amex.
  9. Lurchy

    [Albion] Hürzeler’s coaching team

    Jason Steele has recently completed his B coaching licence… so could be an internal appointment.
  10. Lurchy

    [Albion] Hürzeler’s coaching team

    Who at present is looking likely to take over and is it anywhere near being completed?
  11. Lurchy

    [Albion] Hürzeler’s coaching team

    If we’re not bringing his staff over from St Pauli then I wonder if we’ll look at someone like Tobias Schweinsteiger. Played alongside Hürzeler at Bayern 2, went on to gain all his badges and coached their youth teams as an assistant manager. Is used to being a number 2 at other clubs and is...
  12. Lurchy

    [Albion] Buy One, Sell One, Loan One

    Buy: Yukinari Sugawara Loan: Mark O’Mahony Sell: Tariq Lamptey
  13. Lurchy

    [Football] New Kits Thread - 24-25 Season

    Also should point out that the ‘pattern’ continues and is carried over to the shorts.
  14. Lurchy

    [Football] New Kits Thread - 24-25 Season

    I don’t like it, and even if it wasn’t them I still wouldn’t like it.
  15. Lurchy

    [Football] Potter to Leicester?

    If he was then I would expect him to take Bjorn with him, but… If anything this probably suggests he’s inline to replace Southgate, as he won’t need full time coaches in that role.
  16. Lurchy

    [Albion] Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall **Singed for Chelsea 02/07/2024**

    Looked on FBref for similar players to KDH and in the top 10 matches was Marcel Hartel who currently plays for St Pauli. As @Nobby Cybergoat said previously we need muscle and legs in midfield. Given the money issues in Ligue1 then me a few bargains that can be picked up from that league that...
  17. Lurchy

    [Albion] Datro Fofana

    Even more so when you consider we were scouting Duran heavily at the time Winstanley was here.
  18. Lurchy

    [Football] Potter to Leicester?

    And then they get their points deduction announced.

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