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  1. Cheshire Cat

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    And he's orange with ridiculous hair.
  2. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    £65...... For that......
  3. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    Also its the wrong blue - too pale.
  4. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] Albion kit 2024/25 - official thread

    Why the ridiculous pin stripe? Another one to the add to the "won't be buying that" collection.
  5. Cheshire Cat

    [Football] Luke Shaw’s breasts

    Not this one please.
  6. Cheshire Cat

    [Football] What's the most excited you've been for a football match in the 21st century?

    Not that it counts, but I haven't been excited by an England football match since 14 June 1970. Although I was distraught on 21 May 1983. I don't get excited by Brighton games - just "tense".
  7. Cheshire Cat

    [Politics] Trump under fire.

    Presumably you have issues with Kennedy's assassination and the moon landings as well FFS.
  8. Cheshire Cat

    [Football] Where are you watching the BIG game tomorrow?

    As the rain is forecast to clear by 8pm today, I might cut the grass some time around then.
  9. Cheshire Cat

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Highlights here
  10. Cheshire Cat

    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    I've still got the Wisdens from the 1990s when we were woeful.
  11. Cheshire Cat

    [Finance] ******** The Scam Thread *********

    Apparently the way round the QR code parking scam would be for councils to display the code on the screen of the parking machines as you pay, rather than some dodgy sticker that anyone can deface. Except not many do. The machines that could do this are not cheap so it needs a significant...
  12. Cheshire Cat

    [Misc] All Hail The Ignore User Option

    You don't know that. One or two might be quite good.
  13. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] The gigantic squad - who is leaving?

    Why did I read the title of this thread as "The Gigantic Squid"? :wozza: :stupid:
  14. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] £722

  15. Cheshire Cat

    [Albion] Two new Albion directors

    But can they play left back?

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