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  1. albionalba

    [Albion] Onto the real stuff - What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

    Making a 1068 mile round trip for home matches now that the monorail is finished, speeding me in and out of the Amex.
  2. albionalba

    [Politics] Lisa Nandy our new Culture Secretary - football insight

    ....yes good to have Lisa at the helm for this after all that Nadine-nonsense, but don't underestimate the challenges as the BBC charter renewal work has to start soon to be complete by 2027, and the funding problem will be a key part of that. Yes agree, but more needs to happen to get the word...
  3. albionalba

    [Politics] Lisa Nandy our new Culture Secretary - football insight

    Stephanie Peacock MP was also appointed to serve in Lisa Nandy's team at DCMS a couple of days ago and it seems she shares a love of football, this from her Wikipedia entry: "In November 2018, Peacock, alongside fellow Women's Parliamentary Football teammates, Alison McGovern, Tracey Crouch...
  4. albionalba

    [Misc] Electric Cars

    Yes it was for the remainder of the car but it was repairable - I just checked and it is presently taxed so must have been repaired - but the problem for me was the lack of certainty on the diagnosis and worry that I might spend £8k only to spend another £5k and so on etc. It was valued about...
  5. albionalba

    [Misc] Electric Cars

    Only have i3 experience as a long time user 2015-2022. I really loved that car and it gave me great service for the first five years but felt that BMW really let me down badly when the battery control unit failed (cost of part alone is £5k, £8k to fit all in - and an uncertain diagnosis where it...
  6. albionalba

    [Politics] Lisa Nandy our new Culture Secretary - football insight

    It seems to be an academic social science event of some kind, post Brexit. The pull up banner has Kings College London (UoL) and UKRI logos. Agree with all those who found some optimism in it!
  7. albionalba

    [Politics] Lisa Nandy our new Culture Secretary - football insight

    An interesting insight here in the context of Wigan Athletic
  8. albionalba


    Yes def, dehydration is the friend of uric acid crystallisation.
  9. albionalba

    [Politics] The 2024 US Election - Trump v Biden

    All deeply scary to view. I've posted this on the books thread but just for anyone who thinks that the lose/lose outcome from this contest doesn't affect us they should read Angus Hanton's Vassal State: How America Runs Britain. I didn't add the Amazon link here as that would just be...
  10. albionalba

    [News] The E Coli outbreak

    .....with such heavy reliance on supermarket sandwiches, fast food and delivered-to-home crap......for me that's the depressing aspect. Carve out a few minutes here and there to be more in control of the food you eat.
  11. albionalba

    [Football] Is this Tony Bloom?

    The bigger question from that image is what has happened to the corner of that picture on the wall behind the TV?
  12. albionalba

    [Football] How to watch football and get more enjoyment out of?

    I think the whole pitch view (as mentioned in a few posts earlier) in a live game often helps you to accept defeat or draws better than watching on TV because you come away with this comprehensive feel for effort and passion. Yes the atmosphere is a part of that, but being able to see off the...
  13. albionalba

    [Albion] David Mella

    The opening slide on that highlights video says his weakness is decision making.....he should fit right in. ....yes, should be fun under Fab.
  14. albionalba

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    Had that coming for sure.
  15. albionalba

    [Albion] Fringe players who will impress next season

    On Dahoud, possibly, but I always felt he didn't deliver for / with Dunky and apart from a one-off decent-ish game in the summer tour in the USA he never seemed to have the hoped for impact, so I think RDZ was instrumental in him being out of the squad.
  16. albionalba

    [Humour] The Pub Debate - The Best Chocolate

    In reading Vassal State (mentioned in the books posting) I was surprised to see this. I probably should have kept up on this but was just thinking Hersheys in terms of American chocolate, so: In the confectionery aisle there are chocolates and sweets from Cadbury of Bournville, the UK’s market...
  17. albionalba

    [Albion] Message from the Boss

  18. albionalba

    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    Yes, strange mix but I quite like switching between fiction and non fiction. Hope you've had a chance to read This time no mistakes. As you say, that familiarity with local references makes for a comfort read. I often wonder how all the A27 etc references etc serve readers who don't know the...
  19. albionalba

    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    Switching between a few books presently but all recommended: You must read Vassal State: How America Runs Britain by Angus Hanton - a real eye-opener for me (whilst I've been busy worrying about China and Saudi!) This time no mistakes by Will Hutton - a good read running up to the election...
  20. albionalba

    [Humour] The Pub Debate - The Best Chocolate

    I agree this is hard to beat and hasn't been completely messed up by recipe changes yet For info in case anyone wants or needs to gift vegan chock Booja Booja is great (but I agree you probably wouldn't argue for this in your local)

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