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  1. dippy2449

    [Football] To all the Southgate haters / wrong again and again and again **SOUTHGATE NOW RESIGNED**

    The final is squad v squad, legs v legs, heads v heads, I don't want to presume how the final will play out I just look forward to it. If England prepare as well for the final as they did for the penalty shoot out v Switzerland then maybe just MAYBE........
  2. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Semi Final - Netherlands vs England

    Can't wait til Sunday Win lose or draw I have been a negative Nelly so anything now is just 66 all over again!!!! (I was only 4)
  3. dippy2449

    [Football] To all the Southgate haters / wrong again and again and again **SOUTHGATE NOW RESIGNED**

    England have managed to match every team they have played be they bad (very bad) or half decent. Do you want a good General or lucky General? in this competition we have the later BUT BUT BUT!!!! England are in the final!!! keep that luck for the next match and Lewis should be coming home to the...
  4. dippy2449

    [Albion] Jakub Moder

    I really like Jacob (and the great song) I thought he may go on to be a class player and while he has a really good touch I think Dewsbury-Hall will be more effective. He may want to get away to get more playing time than I suspect he will get in future with the Albion.
  5. dippy2449

    [Football] Do you want Scotland to progress?

    Because they all ran away from the awful din
  6. dippy2449

    [Football] Do you want Scotland to progress?

    Yes as much as the Scots want England to do well!!
  7. dippy2449

    [Football] Do England Have a DNA ??

    Defence Not Attack Do Nill All
  8. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    Isn't that why he has a group of "genius" tacticians around him? Not just Southgate who has to go then!!
  9. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    He couldn't pass today either so that made 3 of them.
  10. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    Are you free next Tuesday?
  11. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    I haven;t seen football this bad since we played at Priestfield, Then we were singing "it's just like watching Grange Hill"
  12. dippy2449

    [Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7

    Anyone think any England player got above a 4? You cannot beat any team when you play walking football. No Press, No desire and No quality. The only England goal came from a defensive error and a lucky bobble
  13. dippy2449

    [Football] Moder quite fast..

    I only wanted the last bit where he hit the bar with an awesome strike. I think his distribution is underrated too some of his passes during the Netherlands (are we allowed to say Holland?)game were top notch.
  14. dippy2449

    [Football] Potter to Leicester?

    There will probably be a lot of managerial slots available by Christmas, maybe even Southampton if he hasn't got the England job by then.
  15. dippy2449

    [Misc] Putting your foot in it - your worst examples?

    I was coming out of a gig one night and at the entrances was a piano with a girl playing with her back to me, I said "can you play chopsticks?" she turned round and she was Asian. 🤭
  16. dippy2449

    [Help] Joke du jour

    Definitely a chilling thought

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