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  1. Carrot Cruncher

    [Misc] Can someone recommend a power bank for my iPhone please.

    This one has served me well. Does at least 3 full charges INIU Power Bank, Portable Charger 10000mAh Slimmest & Lightest High-Speed USB C Input & Output, PowerBank Triple 3A Phone Battery Pack for iPhone 15 14 13 12 11 X Pro Max Samsung Xiaomi iPad
  2. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Stoke Tickets

    If you bought a ticket to Bournemouth for the league cup game a few years ago, but didn’t turn up, you’re part of the reason it’s only 5 points for Stoke.
  3. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Stoke Tickets

    Reading used to charge less to STH when we played them.
  4. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Trains tomorrow

    The 0930 from Brighton to Soton has just had 4 coaches added, so the 1128 from Southampton to Brighton will too. This will be the one that gets to Brighton at 1321
  5. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] PGMOL

    He ALMOST did when we didn’t get that blatant one v Man U.
  6. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Stains away - St. Stephen's Day

    As the ground is a brisk 20 min walk away for me, I can get away and back with minimal fog house potential.
  7. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Wolves Travel

    Don’t suppose anyone is driving from Hampshire and has a spare seat? Bit of a long shot I know 😊
  8. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Season Ticket ‘Booking Protect’

    This is a link to it if you’ve not seen the email.,1VJTY,3IMJCK,6JFM5,1
  9. Carrot Cruncher

    [Albion] Season Ticket ‘Booking Protect’

    Has anyone read the T&C’s of this ‘offer’ that was just emailed out? Looks like a total waste of money, as getting a refund looks virtually impossible.
  10. Carrot Cruncher

    [TV] Sherwood BBC1 (or BBC2 if the f***ing tennis is on…)

    We did, but only because we didn’t get sucked in and there weren’t too many other options.
  11. Carrot Cruncher

    [TV] Sherwood BBC1 (or BBC2 if the f***ing tennis is on…)

    Don’t you just whack in ‘Me duck’ at the end of most sentences to differentiate…?
  12. Carrot Cruncher

    Albion my Albion

    Having a short holiday for spamming the board with nonsense.
  13. Carrot Cruncher

    [TV] Ricky Gervais - After Life - Series 1 and 2

    Thought parts 1-5 were largely a load of horse eggs, with a couple of good laughs chucked in. Enjoyed the final part; but equally I could understand an argument that it’s mawkish and overly sentimental. I really enjoyed the first 2 series.
  14. Carrot Cruncher

    [Food] Food prices at the Amex?

    Accidental Partridge, or am I doing you a disservice and you knew exactly what you were doing?
  15. Carrot Cruncher

    just back from the leicester game

    I see the club are actively trolling…
  16. Carrot Cruncher

    [NSC] Vaccine passport required to enter Amex

    Makes you feel like throttling someone.
  17. Carrot Cruncher

    Neil Oliver.

    Guess heroin is hard to come by at the moment, so he’s hit the other Scotch staple, Buckie…
  18. Carrot Cruncher

    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    I just about made it through, due to dogged determination! Absolute toilet. The new one is out now and thankfully appears to be a return to form.

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