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  1. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] £3.90 for 1 jumbo battered sausage !!

    Glad this had been posted - we fancied a cheap takeaway and hadn't had fish and chips for a while, so - 2 medium cod and chips, a battered sausage and two cans of Rio. Was expecting about £18-20 absolute max. £29.60! Wtf, could've had an Indian for that
  2. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Other Sport] Defining Sporting Moment of the last 30 years (BBC Poll)

    Ulloa v Forest is when my life peaked.
  3. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Football] What football boots did you have as a kid?

    Puma kings, when the foldover tongue became a thing. Late 90s? I think my first ever pair were black nike tempos, around '94/'95, white swoosh with a purple outline.
  4. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    Not gonna lie. When people are relaying a conversation and say "then he turned round and said.." Why were they facing the wrong way for the first part of the conversation?
  5. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] If you are a current Albion season ticket holder, are you planning on renewing for next season?

    If travel subsidy is removed I won't renew. There is no way I'm paying for that absolute shitshow every other week
  6. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Music] Your Spotify Wrapped Top 5 Songs and Artists?

    Bit random but Alex from the architect's sister was in my class at school and he was in my brother's class. Used to play NHL on the megadrive with him. My only claim to fame.
  7. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Football] AEK Fans At The King & Queen.

    Good catchphrase as well, remember his catchphrase? "Every triangle's a love triangle when you love triangles"
  8. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Euro 3 match ticket download

    the mobile tickets use NFC, the same tech as contactless cards. barcode or QR code is irrelevant :)
  9. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Season ticket points - how many do you have?

    268, down from about 330 (hadn't looked for a while as didn't go to any/many aways in the last few months of the season)
  10. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] The annual loyalty points decimation

    I’ll send you pictures
  11. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Best feeling or moment watching the Albion

    The two best moments for me that I think about all the time are: 3-3 away at Brentford, 90+7 equaliser, terrace, I was there on my own so it was just stranger-hugging and jumping. Never forget that. Second is Ulloa at Forest - sadly I wasn't there but I was with quite a few mates watching on...
  12. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Wembley SF Ticket Purchase Priority

    I really hope you can take him!
  13. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Food] The Exhoribitant Price Of My Curry.

    Blimey, just imagine how much a 12 slice pizza would have been! Should've maybe gone for an 8 slice to save a few quid. This directly relates to the other thread on "things mum and dad used to say": my dad would always say he ordered pizza and the waitress asked if he'd like it cut into 8 or 12...
  14. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Misc] Sayings your old mum or dad said.

    My dad used to say to me "not as long as the hole in my arse points downwards" And "whoever's idea it was to <insert almost anything - put traffic lights here, chop down that tree, organise a party - anything> wants bloody shooting"
  15. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Misc] Own Teeth? . . . Dentures? . . . Implants?

    Couple of years ago one of my front teeth cracked at the top (did it on one of those tiny rock-hard chips you get at the bottom of the bag) - my other front tooth was due a root canal or something so that was filed down to attach my two (false) front teeth. Think that's a veneer? Anyway i didn't...
  16. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Weird season ticket goings on

    I re-loaded mine from the ticket site. Would've been a bit of a pain if I hadnt noticed until I got to the turnstiles!
  17. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] Weird season ticket goings on

    When these threads pop up I have a look at mine to see if anything is strange (doesn't bother me) but this time I've gone in and mine are gone???
  18. Goring-by-Seagull

    [Albion] new away fan ID/ticketing system

    Agree with this. The only time I can think of where it's happened to us was my mate couldn't find his ticket for Fulham on the morning of the game (lots of piss taking for that of course, what a DOOFUS) and he called up the Brighton ticket office and they arranged a replacement to be collected...

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