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    [Albion] Fulham (A) tickets

    Would love to be able to take my lad who’s 8 along to this for his first away match… does someone need to talk me out of sitting in the home end? Any areas I should aim for/avoid?
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    [Albion] Players Autographs/selfies

    My boy was luckily one of the first to get picked for this (I assumed it was alphabetical because his and a couple of the others names started with A - may be a coincidence)… Was such an amazing experience - you get to wait by the pitch as they make their way from the lounge to the dressing...
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    [Travel] Boxing Day Parking London

    I drove up Saturday night and parked in an underground carpark at South Bank. 15 minute walk from Strand, Covent Garden, Leicester Square etc. Got there around 6pm and was like £7 all night. Would definitely use it again… Google ‘Apcoa Southbank’ for details.
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    [Sussex] Where can I buy a GOOSE?

    Not sure if you have sorted this already but I'd give The Oaks a call or pop in to double check.... drove past on the way to the match yesterday and the sign outside definitely listed Goose• :shrug: •May just be an old sign
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    [Albion] Dunk - straight red?

    I appreciate it’s the da*ly ma*l but they seem pretty convinced it was a yellow followed by a straight red… 3 match ban -> Article
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    [Albion] Dunk - straight red?

    The PL app has it as a straight red… Albion app match report has it as two yellows! I don’t think anyone knows yet…
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    [Albion] Leaving before the full time whistle

    I am a new season ticket holder so guess many of you would consider me a plastic… But for me I tend to head down to the concourse between the end of normal time and the end of injury time depending on how long is to be played. Me and my boy then run along to one of the two disabled areas on the...

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