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    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service? Sunak says YES.

    Didn’t see existing thread please merge /delete
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    [Misc] Any sports physio's on here? Please?

    Are you sure it is not you Achilles?
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    [Albion] The tinker man mark 2

    I don’t have the numbers but even if you take out injury enforced changes I think we are “top of the league “ for changes. It can’t help players, constantly adjusting to playing with players with different skill sets.
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    [Albion] The tinker man mark 2

    so no discussion as to if this could affect our form ? I thought that a football forum was for discussing stuff like .. er .. football
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    [Albion] The tinker man mark 2

    Glen Murray said we had made 130 changes to the starting line up, surely this has not helped ? The players are no fresher and it has not helped injuries. Don’t know if anyone can do the stats, how many changes have been enforced ? are there any stats on stable team v league position ? if RDZ...
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    [Albion] Car park ‘full’ - Brighton racecourse

    Is anybody else getting annoyed with the fluckwits organising parking at the racecourse P+R ? Never appears to be a problem at weekends but always full around an hour before kick off when there are evening games. Now, if it is full fair enough but after spending 10 minutes driving round looking...
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    [Football] If RDZ leaves us/is sacked at the end of the season....

    The thread is ridiculous, but if we are talking about succession how about Rosenior ( with Lallana as a no. 2) ?
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    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    I love RDZ, but he is looking increasingly down. He is a good coach but maybe the ego has started to kick in, if he is being tapped up by the likes of barcelona maybe his head is not focussed on the job. If he has decided to leave he may be putting all of his eggs in the europa league basket...
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    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    Yep along from kwiks above a Chinese chippy, it was around 92/93. We go back to Liverpool occasionally, went to lark lane a couple of years ago - it is actually much the same, had lunch in Keith’s.
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    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    I used to live on the corner of st michaels rd and Aigburth rd, went in that pub quite a few times, preferred the Albert though.
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    [Albion] Lewis Dunk

    Should have 50 caps for England, most consistent English CB for the past 5 years.
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    [Humour] Weird And Wonderful Stuff Bought A Car Boot Sale

    I bet he stallholders were not very happy , that would have been very messy. It is really something that you should save for the privacy of your own house.
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    [Film] Favourite film of 2023

    Ballywalter was my film of the year, underrated, great performances
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    You will not change my mind, for Harry to win/ or share the best strategy was to remove Jaz. He got lucky as molly had his name down then changed her mind.
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    In fact with Jaz banished, I think Harry is more certain to win in all scenarios
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    I meant with Andrew not mollie, Jaz banished leaves Andrew mollie and Harry final 3. Mollie too weak to go red again.
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    But Andrew voting for Harry just made him look like a traitor. In fact implicated him and Harry. If Jaz was banished they may have all voted green, Harry may have shared the money.
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    Harry got a bit lucky, surely when there were 4, Andrew and Harry just had to banish Jaz

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