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  1. Popeye

    [Albion] Albion aims for 2023

    Conference League and giving us many more moments to grin about.
  2. Popeye

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Arsenal *** Official Match Thread ***

    Good job showing some fight in the second half, but never gonna get 3 points with shit defending like we had.
  3. Popeye

    [Drinking] New Year's Eve

    Going to a bar tonight and plan on getting plastered with my lady by my side:D
  4. Popeye

    [Film] Best films with one word titles.

    McClintock Thinner Multiplicity Lionheart
  5. Popeye

    [Football] Cristiano Ronaldo joins Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr

    Another 'Oh look at me' move by the biggest prick and Prima Donna in the game. Obviously all about the money; he could have went back to his boyhood club, Sporting, and really bowed out with style, but no thats not him.
  6. Popeye

    [Misc] Friends (and maybe family!) - do you ‘bin anyone off?’

    Anytime a friend of mine says anything racist, or acts racist in anyway, they are no longer a friend of mine. May be extreme to some, but that's just the way it is and I have lost a lot of friends over the years that way tbh, but that's just how I feel.
  7. Popeye

    [Football] Pele RIP

    When Pele played the game in his prime there weren't as many Prima Donnas and to be frank, wimps, as their are in today's game. He set the standard for what a world class player really is and for all those who were great after him. Did a lot of work in the community also; legend just in that...
  8. Popeye

    [Albion] Is #TeamsLikeBrighton a thing of the past?

    I would rather be like us and how we are ran than any other club in the world. We do things the right way, will make Europe soon enough, and are a role model for how an owner should run a club. Every other club can f*** off if they don't like us.
  9. Popeye

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  10. Popeye

    [Football] Neymar sent off for diving

    Been diving for years, what else is new.
  11. Popeye

    [Other Sport] How can people watch DARTS ?

    I feel the same way about cricket* *Should I ban myself now?
  12. Popeye

    [Football] Why no palace p1ss take thread ?

    Funny how they are struggling sure, but really at the end of the day don't care all that much.
  13. Popeye

    [Albion] “It’s exciting to be a Brighton fan at the moment”

    That and they suck ass.(y)
  14. Popeye

    [Albion] “It’s exciting to be a Brighton fan at the moment”

    It really is. Not been a supporter as long as practically everyone else on here haha, so can't really say about bad times were in the past pre Bloom and such. However, in the short amount of time I have been a fan, this is the most excited that I have found myself. The sky's the limit with RDZ...
  15. Popeye

    [Albion] Southampton vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    What a great way to resume the season. We never looked like dropping points, and great that Solly got his goal, hopefully give him some confidence moving forward. Love how the guys are playing for each other under RDZ, and praise to him also for how his philosophy is slowly but surely coming to...
  16. Popeye

    [Misc] What did you get for Christmas

    Money,socks, and alcohol. My lady says may have a surprise for me in the bedroom later also, we shall see.
  17. Popeye

    [Misc] Merry Christmas…

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you and yours have a great one and a good New Year also. Hopefully it is one full of Albion triumphs and your own personal triumphs also. About to leave here shortly to be Santa at a local mall, wish me luck lol.

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