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  1. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Fabian Hürzeler **SINGED 15/06/2024**

    All depends on whether we win the first game of the season. Either the best thing since sliced bread or relegated by Christmas.
  2. SweatyMexican

    [Football] Leeds or Saints?

    I remember when they laughed at how we were not competitive rivals at the same level, and they were totally right. Fair play to them.
  3. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Who do you want to become our new manager?

    Potter. What incredible entertainment the Brighton fan base would be. Almost unrivalled to any drama in the past. And I think he’d be quite good.
  4. SweatyMexican

    [Football] League Two Play-Off Final: Crawley Town vs Crewe Alexandra (Sunday, 13:00)

    Predicted to finish bottom. Scott’s done a great job of turning that around.
  5. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Never heard of Darren English, must be his first game!
  6. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Player of the Season

    I’ve given it to Pedro. Really good first season I think.
  7. SweatyMexican

    [Football] The Championship 2023/24

    GO ON JEZZA!!!
  8. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Examples of amazing comebacks please.

    We’ll be posting in the “should’ve put a grand on to win the tie” thread come Friday.
  9. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Premier League 9-11/3/24

    Intense booing from the Palace fans is always great to hear.
  10. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Are Roma any good ?

    I’m happy we’ve got the second leg at home. As long as we can stay in the tie it’ll be a good atmosphere at our place.
  11. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    I think the question now is whom are we drawing in the quarter finals? When’s our draw?
  12. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Pre-draw nerves...

    I’m in Prague at the start of that week, so I really don’t want to go back there if I can help it… Also no Qarabag, Marseille, or Roma. I’m quite easy going really.
  13. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Valentín Barco **Signed 20/01/24**

    Don’t be ridiculous. Drivers don’t get paid that much.
  14. SweatyMexican

    [Football] Palace vs Everton FA Cup tonight at 8 PM

    I’ve watched about 5 minutes of this and already I’m thinking what a boring game it is to put on TV. It’s the magic of the cup. Still gonna watch it though…
  15. SweatyMexican

    Good mood

    There’s members on this forum who weren’t born when this thread was made.
  16. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Wizz 21:50 delayed

    It’s alright, Dunky is on our plane.
  17. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] AEK Athens FC vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Best part of these trips have been the plane journeys. All full of Brighton fans having a sing song, and even the pilots are getting involved!
  18. SweatyMexican

    [Albion] Premier League 25-27/11/23

    Goal of the season done.

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