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    [News] Shemima Begum- Should she be allowed to return to the UK?

    She would be the official spoke person for every terrorist group on the planet, outside every mosque, on every tv and radio station justifying the reasons to blow the legs of little girls at pop concerts or run amock with a knife in a nursery school, she will cause a lot of anger and division...
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    [Albion] EFL Trophy Quarter Final - Amex, Tuesday 9th January ko 7pm

    Apparently reading have sold 400 and we've sold less, as of yesterday
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    [TV] fire stick

    Try Google "best iptv services UK", let the tec guys do their reviews and pick one that suits you
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    [Misc] Jacques Delors RIP

    Deserves a giant EUSSR concrete statue on the highest mountain overlooking Brussels (if they had one) with all the little remoaners flocked around his feet
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    [Other Sport] A Question of Sport

    Even bbc news is ridiculously over political you could have 300 dead in an inferno on the runway of Bristol airport but the bbc would still lead on what kier starmer said on visit to a factory in Chesterfield
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    [Other Sport] A Question of Sport

    Question of sport should have been axed 20 years ago when it became boring and just as pointless as pointless, football focus 15 minutes on a woman footballer learning to play the piano should be thrown in the bin immediately for just that article, match of the day 5 mins of highlights 15 mins...
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    [Misc] Should fireworks be BANNED for the general public?

    Even the fireworks have gone woke can't be bang must be poff
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    [Albion] Who is Brighton's HARDEST player? Past & present

    Clark is eeeeevil.. He tackled it broked it must be Paul Clark
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    [Politics] How long will Brexit continue to dominate British Politics ?

    From the India side its the biggest free trade deal that India has ever signed it's expected to double uk trade with India by 2030 the main winners for the UK will be Scottish whiskey, automobiles, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, services, the UK is expected to give more short term visa's on a...
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    [Politics] How long will Brexit continue to dominate British Politics ?

    No it doesn't dominate anything it's just the upsurge in remoaners panic every time good brexit news is about to be announced, India trade deal announced in two weeks something else to cry about and try and dismiss 😭
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    [Politics] How long will Brexit continue to dominate British Politics ?

    Remoaners still going on about brexit 😭 only people that even think about brexit are remoaners every one else has moved on..... poll :who will cry the longest remoaners😭😭😭 or Liverpool disallowed VAR goal 😭😭
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    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    Typical wokey woke woke engaging their brain to be offended on everyone else's behalf, it's actually a Japanese naval flag used extensively today not only by the Japanese navy but japanese fishermen to celebrate a large catch, perhaps you should be offended by the stars and stripes incase it...
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    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    I'll have to be waving my pilot skull and crossbones kamikaze flag just for the pleasure of offending all the wet wipe wokey woke wokes
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    [Football] Glazers out !

    Why sell a premier league club now when you can sell a super league club in two years
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    [Politics] Brexit

    Fact there has been 45,000 new jobs created in Londons financial markets since brexit, if you dont have to rely on Brussels propaganda outlet euro news,, there is nothing unusual about a company having duel listings on stock markets, London easily still has the crown when it comes to investment...
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    [Politics] Brexit

    Very clever slogan by labour "making brexit work" the labour party is fully aware that there is a full review with Brussels of trade between the UK and EU in 2025 with the emphasis on reducing red tape and ease of trade, digital borders ect, who ever is in power will clam a victory for small...
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    [Politics] Brexit

    The labour party now supports brexit they want to govern a prosperous free trading nation, even more significantly British industry now supports brexit they see the UKs new position at the cross roads of the worlds two largest trade blocks the EU and Pan Pacific as a fantastic opportunity, so...
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    [Albion] Away fans in home ends

    What is an away fan? Over last few seasons I've seen a grand mother almost removed by stewards for standing up a celebrating man city's title win while sitting next to her 11 years old grandson in full albion kit,, a couple of old guys one obviously had a previous stroke removed for standing up...
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    [Politics] Brexit - Deal we have or Rejoin CU/SM

    So let's just imagine for one horrible moment the UK was still in the EU, unemployment significantly higher (spain 11%), lower wage growth, never while in the EU have wages reached 3% growth per year, inflation same, uk inflation mid table compared to individual EU states (Austria 11%) the grass...
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    [Politics] Brexit - Deal we have or Rejoin CU/SM

    The Amex remoaners section of brexit bores, if you have had a good pay rise thank brexit, if you think joining the single market is good prepare for a huge influx of cheap EU slave labour and a large share of the one million illegal migrants landing on the shores of Italy, spain and grease...

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