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    Political Compass

    - .25 2.62 Not too far from the middle. Slightly in the red which suprised me and a bit more authoritarian which didn't surprise me.
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    [Albion] Who is your favourite EVER Albion keeper?

    I'll go for Michelle Kippers if only because he played in an Albion team that had food connections in their name. We had Guy Butters, Dan Curry, Gary Heart, Dean Ham and egg, Kerry Mayo. The team sheet looked like a menu.!!
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    [Music] Are you a Pink Floyd fan?

    Dark Side of the Moon is brilliant and alongside, Parallel Lines, Rumours, Crisis What Crisis, it has to be one of the best albums ever recorded. I've never seen the band live but regularly saw the tribute bands, Brit Floyd and Aussie Floyd down the Centre.
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Is Russell Brand a left wing twat or a right wing twat?
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    GBNews: anyone watching?

    No mate. We're in the Red Wall.
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    GBNews: anyone watching?

    Yep. Cant disagree with any of that. Huge as in very popular. More popular than Sky News. Can't give you any figures but very big in my local pub.
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    [Albion] Fati Goal. Offside?

    Perhaps someone who understands the offside law could explain why Fati's goal was subjected to an offside review. There was a Villa player off the pitch beyond the goal line. Surely he would count as a defender wouldn't he.
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    GBNews: anyone watching?

    GB News has a huge amount of followers. Dan Wooten was put in an awkward situation by Fox and it's unfair that he is suspended. Hopefully he'll get his job back soon but I don't expect their viewing figures to dip because he's not there.
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    [News] Sycamore Gap Tree

    Really? What a load of crap. I'd nail his ball sack to the stump and leave him there for the crows to peck his eyes out.
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    [News] Sycamore Gap Tree

    Yes I remember that they rowed across the Channel, landed on the beach and declared that they should leave immediately in order to get to Nottingham by nightfall. Presumably by Inter-City from Folkestone.
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    [News] 15 yr school girl stabbed to death Croydon

    Bring back hanging.
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    [Other Sport] Rugby (Union) World Cup Official Thread

    I would like to see a pre-qualifying tournament for the lesser teams with just one or two competing in the finals. I would include Fiji and Japan as automatic qualifiers but the likes of Italy, Georgia, Tonga and the like in a secondary competition. This would give them all something tangible to...
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    [Other Sport] Rugby (Union) World Cup Official Thread

    That really is an annoying song and 99% of us don't know the words. But we all know Mae hen gwlad fi nhad........... um, that one.
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    [Misc] Names which change

    Football League Division 1 to Premier League.
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    [Other Sport] Solheim Cup

    The Solheim Cup is a great spectacle and just as good as the men's equivalent. The last competition was compelling watching with a brilliant finish; Europe winning with the very last putt. A great comeback this afternoon. Good luck to all the European ladies.
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    [Albion] AEK Athens (least bad) Man of the Match

    Gilmour all day.
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    [Albion] the first goal

    When we concede the first goal in any game, the opposition tend to pack their defence and stop the press. We are very good at playing through the press but don't seem to have the answers against an eleven man defence.
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    [Albion] Ground extensions - that old chestnut!

    If i remember rightly, it cost £82 million to build the stadium so selling just one or two of our stars would make a new stadium very affordable.
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AEK Athens *** Official Match Thread ***

    What? Igor. More like Herman Munster.
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    [Albion] Is Veltman Injured?

    I know Milner has had loads of European experience but that doesn't make him a great footballer today - it makes him an old man. We all know Lamptey's shortcomings so why is Veltman third choice for this match?
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