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    [Albion] Bournemouth fans

    Winds me up that we have to give them 3000 tickets but we only get about a 1000 for there place, should be that what they give you they get back, so 1000 for them.
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    [Albion] Player of the Season - male and female

    Very hard to choose just one player this season, they've all been very good, but went for Solly as I think Roberto has taken him to another level this season.
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    [Albion] What time did you get home from Wembley yesterday ?

    Dropped off at Asda Eastbourne by Seagull Travel, back indoors at 11
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    [Albion] Bournemouth Ticket not arrived Booooooo

    Keep trying, I got through on the seventh attempt yesterday, and the digital Tottenham tickets have not been sent yet.
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    [Albion] Was the atmosphere last night a bit underwhelming ?

    WSU was very good last night, I'm nearer the South stand and thought Palace fans were poor, certainly made a change from having to watch them after they've scored, giving it the biggun to us.
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    [Albion] Beat Palace and lose to Grimsby, or...

    Just cannot bring myself to vote lose to Palace, I'd feel dirty voting for them to win.
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    [NSC] How do YOU use NSC?

    Always tablet at home, phone when on holiday
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    [Albion] Veltman v Lamptey

    Two very different players, but I feel more confident when Veltman is playing.
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    [Albion] Chelsea before and after we stuffed them

    Thought Chelsea looked bang average against Spurs today, considering all the money they've spent. They are very poor stats since we stuffed them.
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    [Football] Was that our best ever League performance?

    Best I have ever seen, our one touch passing was fantastic, and this was against Liverpool not a bottom of the table team, absolutely brilliant.
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    [Football] Football Stadium Atmosphere Research Survey

    Done Obviously top marks to the Amex, and bottom for that dive up the road.
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    [Other Sport] Alternative World Cup win!

    They don't take any prisoners do they, pretty brutal, but was great to watch
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    [Travel] Did you get a Parking Ticket Tuesday?

    Think the OP is talking about the lay by on left before the turn off to the Amex from Lewes, usually rammed with cars but there were only about 3 cars in there and the Police stopping anyone else from parking in there. They must have been too late for the smaller lay by a bit further on as that...
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    [Football] Would you take beating Potter's Chelsea over Palace this year?

    Got to be Palace, all day long, they are our rivals.
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    [NSC] What are you doing on Monday?

    I'm in Budapest, hooray
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    [Albion] Potter: Thank you or **** you

    Very raw at the moment so xxxx you, in time and we don't fall too far down the table it will probably be thank you.
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    [News] Hysteria about hot weather on UK news programmes

    It was the length of time it went on for, Heathrow was measured at 16 days straight over 30 degrees, probably a bit less on the coast.
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