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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Union top after 9 games...
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    [Albion] Premier League 30/9 - 3/10/23

    Arsenal v Brentford had some offside VAR controversy on the same day/ko time, so Arteta making a fuss rather overshadowed the Palace decision. Then West Ham v Chelsea became the next VAR talking point...
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Hope so. Although Union could surely have done without a game Sunday before heading to Liverpool on Thursday... RWD Molenbeek seem to be the Brussels equivalent of Palace - dodgy part of town, dubious historical timeline and fans with a penchant for black outfits...
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    A familiar face scoring for Genk...
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    [Albion] Premier League 16-18/9/23

    Missing a top top manager, no?
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    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2023/24 Edition

    Local FA Cup game?
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    [Football] World Premiere of Whitehawk FC Film, 'Hawks, Anti-Idiots' This Saturday.

    For those of us not in the Brighton area I assume it will be on Al Jazeera at some point?
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    [Misc] Bully XL’s

    Yep, who needs neighbourhood watch when you can have 'Paw Patrol' with Pedro and Menace...
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    [Albion] Former Albion players on the move Currently strutting his stuff in the Scottish Challenge Cup third round away to Bala on S4C
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    John Terry

    Look forward to his first press conference...
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    All things Union here -
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    [Football] European club quiz

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    [Albion] What is the surprise?

    Opening a megastore in Tokyo?
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    [Politics] Farage: The Man Who Made Brexit (C4 pm)

    This was probably enough to get him on the FBI's radar... ...or maybe someone at Coutts knew what tiocfaidh ár lá means and passed it on.
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    [Football] Chelsea or Luton?

    C'mon Luton...
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    [Albion] How would you react if a Middle Eastern country took over the Albion?

    Yep, If the only other options are Saudi Arabia/Qatar then I guess Ratcliffe becomes slightly more palatable :ROFLMAO:...
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