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  1. Steve_PPP

    [Help] AA pre purchase check

    CarVertical or vCheck are the best two to use as they search for auction records, so any damaged cars that go through places like Copart get flagged and you get to see the damage photos (as per post above). The biggest problem we have these days is the number of crashed cars that seem to end up...
  2. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] What's your most recent YouTube 'rabbit hole'?

    All of these keep me entertained at the moment.... Mat Armstrong Saving Salvage - more car rebuilding stuff Shiey - all sorts of crazy stuff Eva zu Beck - world travels, currently taking a Land Rover Defender from Alaska to Argentina Mighty Car Mods - Australian car fun, great if you like Jap...
  3. Steve_PPP

    [Help] Country House Hotel recommendation?

    Ockenden Manor is nice if staying local, spa is new and shiny still. Chewton Glen is great if you want to be down in the New Forest area. Great spa there too. Not cheap though....
  4. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] I think we do need to talk about Bruno

    Don't even go there....
  5. Steve_PPP

    [Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

    3 for me today. 220 played, 161 streak. Average 4.16.
  6. Steve_PPP

    [Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

    New to this thread.... got today in 3. Average 4.19 Played 185 Current streak 126 Max streak 126
  7. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Cucurella's contract runs until June 2026....
  8. Steve_PPP

    [Sussex] Best farm shop in and around the Brighton area?

    Rushfields is good, if a tad pricier. Butchers is excellent, plus the fresh pies etc.... plus a nice opportunity to stop for a coffee and a large slab of cake whilst there. Swains is much better value but a bit rough round the edges at the moment, they started a large building project with the...
  9. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] To Avoid Potter Bashing - The Staying Up Tracker - season 21-22 Final Update - 11 ABOVE

    Thanks Giraffe for another year's tracker. What a great season it has been. Yep. When you look at the form table for the last 8 games, you can certainly see why..... bonkers :bounce:
  10. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] Worldle guessing countries not wordle

    #Worldle #24 1/6 ���������� Edit / well... that didn't paste correctly. But got it in first go. Like a geography based quiz now and then.
  11. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] Marc Overmars

    Sounds like we'd need more of a no 'dick' policy. Dutch folk on twitter all saying that he sent dick pics to a female colleague....
  12. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] Sussex Uni Parking

    Parking in the Uni was the worst I've ever seen it last night. Took the best part of an hour to get from Coldean Lane to a spot. One of the girls on the scanners at the Stanmer entrance said they were having massive problems with the ticket readers not working, I don't think the staff doing that...
  13. Steve_PPP

    [Albion] Who is our most valuable player currently?

    Tough one... for me Bissouma's value has dropped a little this season so far (compared to the highs of the summer when we thought he was leaving for big bucks). He reminded us at Chelsea that he's pure class when he's up for it, but he's also gone missing in a few games this year. I'm stuck...
  14. Steve_PPP

    Oakmeeds School, Burgess Hill

    I see most of the posts in this thread were from 2014, interested in more recent opinions of Oakmeeds... Has it improved? I've got a daughter in Birchwood Grove and Oakmeeds will be the default option I expect, I'd heard that Downlands was over-subscribed these days just from the...
  15. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? [2021/22 edition]

    This morning for me. Always good to give the boiler a run before it gets too cold and make sure all the radiators circulate etc. Warm and toasty house within half an hour. Wife came in and opened the windows. ???
  16. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] Comet Neowise

    Yep, I see the error in my calculation. But then it was midnight and I did say my brain hurt :lolol: I googled the distance at ~70 million miles away, but then failed as my google search told me the speed of light was 186,282mph. If i'd opened the link and read it properly, i'd have realised...
  17. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] Comet Neowise

    Took this out the window last night about midnight, using long exposure on my Huawei phone. Then worked out that the light i'm looking at has taken about 2 weeks to get here. Hurt my brain a little, so went to bed.
  18. Steve_PPP

    [Misc] Anyone got a fully electric car ?

    Worth a watch to compare EVs and their real-life range.
  19. Steve_PPP

    [Technology] What have you had for breakfast?

    Bowl of choc chip weetabix minis. Awesome little things.
  20. Steve_PPP

    [Sussex] Sussex day 16th June

    I had no idea it was Sussex day, but seem to have done well none the less today. A trip to pickup Harveys (from the depot over the road, brewery shop still shut :down: ), a walk along Seaford beach with the child, and then a walk up at Jack & Jill Windmill. Thoroughly glorious day to be in Sussex!
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