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    [Albion] Big piece in the Telegraph [and The Mail - see post #41]

    For those who still like paper it's a full 3-page spread and a great read for the £3. Jason Burt had unprecedented access to the club so you can read what the players have for breakfast, dinner and takeaways too!
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    [TV] Blue Lights on Iplayer

    Had high recommendation in my newspaper so watched it through on iPlayer and was not disappointed. Agree on the Grace comparison totally.
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    [Music] Chris Farlowe - RIP

    Yes, why don't any of the main news agencies have this? Is it unconfirmed?
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    [Albion] Mitoma new record

    Mitoma's 7th goal of the season is a Premier League record for a Japanese player, beating the two Shinji's, Ozaki and Kagawa (both 6 goals) from Leicester (2017-18) and Man Utd (2012-13). I would'nt bet against him extending that record considerably before end of season.
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    [Albion] National alert on semi-final day! In that our game is likely to be played on Sunday April 23rd, which has been announced as National Alert day, what will be the effect of tens of thousands of phones' alarms going off at once in...
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    [Albion] Solly March, local lad and Premier League star, is f***ing brilliant

    What you call perfect timing really. All planned of course ....
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    [Albion] More stats to make us so proud ...

    Great article from Sky Sports bigging us up again. Amazing really but getting more used to it.
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    [Albion] Player ratings vs them lot

    Not allowed!
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    [Albion] Teams like ....

    Nice little article on Football365 about the 'badge of honour' associated with 'teams like Brighton and Brentford'.
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    [Albion] We are currently experiencing the greatest Albion team of all time

    Whatever we think of Potter now we still owe him a great deal for helping to get a TEAM together over 3 seasons that fights with real spirit and oneness. He has done what RDZ hasn't had to do. Just seeing the way that the team got around Undav after he scored yesterday shows their togetherness...
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    [Albion] Charlton Athletic vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Last round there were no streams for the untelevised live matches. Try as I might I couldn't find one.
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    [Albion] BBC World Cup best tournament XI

    Two of our players in the BBC Sports readers tournament eleven chosen from post-match rating averages - Caicedo and Estupinan, but surprisingly no McAllister. World Cup 2022: Choose your best tournament XI -
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    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    Crumbs, how many on here know who Willy Pope was? But yes, there are not many Willys in today's learning establishments? Sorry, maybe I should rephrase ....
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    [Albion] What a time this is

    When I used to stand in the North Stand in 1965 at 15 years old I could never have dreamt my football team could play like this. So many years shuffling between Div 3 and Div 2, then Div 4. The early 80's another false dawn. In my 70's now and finally beating teams like Chelsea who I queued...
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    [Albion] BBC Sport team of the season

    Oh sorry, seen it now -
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    [Albion] BBC Sport team of the season

    Can't see a thread for this so will take a punt - - Duffy and Lamptey both currently in team of the season as voted for by viewers. Is this normal or another sign of how far we've progressed?
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    [Albion] Spurs game postponed (CONFIRMED 09/12/2021)

    Oh well at least I can watch the Grand Prix with undivided attention!
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    [Albion] How often a single early goal nullified late?

    Not just a rhetorical question. How often will an early solitary goal get equalised in the last few moments? Seems to happen all the time to me. So much so that I was fairly confident it would, even more so with our good record of scoring late this season. Easy to be wise etc, you will say. But...
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    [Football] Beers and being on the end of robust tackles: How Ralf Rangnick learned about English foot

    Yes, he will remember the turf as an ex Sussex Uni student when he comes to Brighton!
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    [Cricket] Live - Glamorgan v Sussex - Cardiff, Apr 15 - 18 2021, County Championship

    Sussex top of the league after 2 games!👏👏👏
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