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    [Albion] Premier League 16-18/9/23

    Spurs, Villa and Fulham all beat us twice last season but finished below us. Should have had at least another 9 points. As you say football is football.
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    [Albion] Premier League 16-18/9/23

    If one of Ben's siblings has a child he would be Uncle Ben
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    [Albion] Mohammed Kudus **Signed For West Ham 27/08**

    Think you need to swap Thames for the Zambezi and the Nile
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    [Albion] Wembley capacity?

    Any ideas why there only 81k there, and not 90k as is the capacity. Us 36k sold out Assuming Utd had the same allocation 36k sold out = 72k 9k corporate plus 9k unsold seats Why were there 9k tickets left. Utd couldn't get enough tickets even if they were given all 90k and the fact that we...
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    [Help] Desperado from Paddington

    Hi everyone I wasn't able to buy a ticket for tomorrow due to only having a purchase history, no complaints it is what it is. Totally my decision not to buy Albion membership when I can generally get a ticket on the rare occasion I can get to a game. I am appealing to anybody who may have a...
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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    I hope the club ban any fan for obtaining a ticket(s) for Utd "supporters in our end, from buying tickets for the final (if/when we make it). I myself am gutted at missing out on a ticket due to only having a purchase history. C'est la vie. Will try my luck on day of the game by going to one of...
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Didn't have any ID with them? Landlord told them the creche wasn't open after 5 o'clock and their mummies had been in looking for them?
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    [Albion] abominable refereeing

    The foul on Ferguson was outside the box
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    [Albion] We really need a song for Mac Allister

    How about Ali mac is magic He wears a magic hat And when he saw the world cup He said I'm having that He passed the ball to Messi Who really should of scored And now he's back at Brighton He thinks he's Peter Ward
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    [Albion] Carabao Cup tickets Arsenal

    Very late I know Did you let your tickets go or are they still available?
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    [Albion] Arsenal 7000 allocation Carabao Cup 3rd round

    Have tickets gone on general sale yet?
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    [Sussex] Rhyming Slang - Do You Use It?

    Having a Steffi = as in Steffi Graff
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    [Music] Song Titles With A Weather Theme In Them

    Seasons in the sun I can just imagine everyone now singing in their heads the Brighton version
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    [Travel] How long Brighton to London

    Parents live in Hangleton, myself in Paddington, very worst during the day is 2 hours going via M25/Chessington/A3/Putney, at that time in the morning you could easily knock half hour off. But of course you should keep an eye out for any road closures/roadworks
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    [Other Sport] FC Newcastle's most famous supporter....

    Who is she? Never heard of her.
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    [Albion] Premier League 03-04/10

    Villa also undefeated
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    Is no statue safe?

    Steve Ovett he was a racist. More often than not he came first. Should his statue be thrown in the sea?
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    [Albion] What about this for a solution to this year's football

    I think between now and the next 2 seasons we will have to lose a season. We will probably lose a minimum 3 month's this season (a good chance it could be longer) Next season late start (Euros to fit in) Following season disrupted at least 2 months for World cup in ridiculous Qatar Minimum...
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