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  1. Surrey_Albion

    [Misc] Does anyone know someone who has a face mask exemption ?

    This, i have a couple of things on the list to make me exempt, I also find it difficult at times to wear one BUT still wear one
  2. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Mike Trusson

    Weird, I replied to a tweet "name a random player from the past" or something like that, and his name popped into my head and I posted, this was a week or so ago
  3. Surrey_Albion

    [Misc] Daddy Long Legs

    I might be wrong but arent Daddy Longlegs the spiders that look like a little ball withspindly legs and a Crane fly is the horrible cant fly properly things that seem to be everywhere, East Surrey Hospital Bus stop was covered in the evil ******** yesterday morning
  4. Surrey_Albion

    [News] Sergeant Matt Rattana.

    lets not turn turn this thread about a tragedy into something else, you obviously dont understand BLM and whats happened but start a new thread to discuss not on here. Thoughts to Sgt Rattanas family and friends, awful crime
  5. Surrey_Albion

    [Brighton] All happening in Coldean

    I think its called Humour, its a saying thats been altered to fit the incident I think they call it a "joke"
  6. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Man Utd - “run out of money”

    I remember a few years someone on R4 money programme saying any company with the debt of Man Utd would have been wound up years ago
  7. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Penalty

    it was a Brighton move so sky wouldnt have noticed it
  8. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Leeds everybody's 2nd club?

    they are just catering for thise who dont know what supporting a club means , its for the plastics and armchair "fans"
  9. Surrey_Albion

    [Albion] Club announcement due tomorrow at 5pm

    im not sure thats the correct or appropriate term for trans folk
  10. Surrey_Albion

    [Music] RIP Toots,

    i saw he had been taken to hospital a few days ago didnt realise iy was that serious. not long completed an album aswell. RIP Toots
  11. Surrey_Albion

    [Other Sport] RIP Alan Minter

    didnt one Mr Fat Boy Slim work behind bar in the Panther??, I think him and Paul Heaton also drunk in the New Inn in Redhill(now a plumming centre) and did a couple of gigs in the Greyhound (now flats) obviously long before any fame Panther had a good duke box and pool table it was a dcent pub...
  12. Surrey_Albion

    [Other Sport] RIP Alan Minter

    surprised by that he was regulary barred from red cross,market and even the bell but never for long, would sometimes have a couple of "do as ya likies" in toe), there is also Melvyn Hayes (it aint half hot mum) he used to shop in Safeway not sure if doesnt now its morrisons though
  13. Surrey_Albion

    [Other Sport] RIP Alan Minter

    I dont like to talk ill of the recently departed BUT always in the pubs in Reigate and occassionally Redhill always s###faced and looking for a fight
  14. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Nathaniel Mendez-Laing

    i saw on twitter, yes I know, that from Wales online local rag that he had been in a car crash and two un named men were injured and NML was over the drink limit. now I cannot find it
  15. Surrey_Albion

    [Brighton] FourFourTwo article

    Thats the only reason I read it otherwise I wouldnt have read anything in 442
  16. Surrey_Albion

    Who is the wealthiest poster on nsc?

    Not wealthy enough to get a suspended sentence for killing someone
  17. Surrey_Albion

    [News] Is your life worth more than a 2 year suspended prison sentence?

    Liike you said the driver had money so less guilty than if he was poor
  18. Surrey_Albion

    [Football] Burnley

    Nearer the time inbox meet up to have a few beers together
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