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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    I have 136 and was in MyAlbion priority 2 this afternoon. I have been a member for 4 years though so that might be the reason for that.
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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Yes I’m fairly sure I brought membership to get a ticket last time around. I’ve kept that membership so hopefully gives me a good chance again
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    [Albion] Official Albion v Manchester City FA Cup semi-final planning thread Sat 6th April, 17.30pm

    Im a non member with purchase history. From my understanding this doesn’t count for anything. Will I have to buy Albion+ membership to go or is it too late now?
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Cardiff City *** Official Match Day Thread ***

    David Marshall kept 3 points away tonight. Simple as that. Watched the stream and felt the performance was as good as any. We will win this season playing worse than that
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    The Best Thing For Me is Bucker is back

    Thought he had a good 45 personally. Tracked back well, set up the goal and provided the cross for the 2nd.. well almost. Also thought March did very well and looked really comfortable. The joy of having competent wingers on and off the bench? maybe.
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    Replay live on ITV4 [Confirmed]

    Could not agree more. I think both clubs, managers and the majority of the supporters would have rather seen this tie settled tonight - one way or another.
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    Jimmy Bullard/David james

    Virgo made some good contributions. No time for the other two, neither made any worthwhile comments. Whatever we did well tonight, including the goal, was down to Hull being poor rather than our good play (according to those two anyway). Game of opinions i suppose
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    Replay live on ITV4 [Confirmed]

    All be it another game on TV - Due to UEFA rules and two big games for both sides, rotation will be enforced. Shame
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    Solly March vs The Tigers

    I thought March showed quality when we came on, went passed players with ease. For me JFC had a good game up against two good midfielders, he kept finding space in between the line but it was just his final ball that let him down. Hopefully that will come.
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    Ashley Barnes, The Latest: Ashley Barnes Signs for Burnley *Confirmation*

    I have thought Barnes has been an unsung hero of the team for a while now and don't want to see him go but surely if he's not going to sign a new contract then it's time to cash in while we can.
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    2nd Test: Australia v England at Adelaide

    This is an absolute road... Aussies can only get themselves out surely.. Especially Watson (LBW all day long)
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    Watford last minute drama - great clips to ease our tension

    It was one of the most amazing minutes in football but it did nothing to ease my tension...
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    I am optimistic like most people but they have enough players who can hurt us given the chance. Work to do but we can do it
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    Sounds like a good plan to me, I know the place so will gather a few people up :albion2:
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    Crown & Anchor is usually where I go to watch football
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    Would definitely be up for this
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    Who is the worst regularly playing player in the Premier League?

    Loving the shouts of Titus Bramble... How he still plays in the top division I will never know! Off subject I would love to see Shaun Maloney in a better squad! I know he had a chance at Villa but he seems to have finally adapted
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    Who is the worst regularly playing player in the Premier League?

    Really Clevery? There is a lot worse than him around.. a lot worse!
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    [Albion] Peterborough United vs Brighton And Hove Albion ****Official Match Thread****

    Nervous but always optimistic ! Looking forward to being on the terraces
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    So, Peterborough tuesday

    So tempted! Willing to drive up from Eastbourne if anyone is interested....
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