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    [Football] A or B?

    Much better if the view is from the side.
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    [Football] REMF 21 - A Final Hurrah - Amex Stadium 2/6/23, 7:00 pm ko

    Tickets say ko is at 7pm but this thread says 7.45pm. Can anyone confirm the correct time please?
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    [Other Sport] Birmingham Commonwealth Games

    We were at the velodrome this morning when that huge crash happened. We were walking round just to the left. Very scary watching it live and the ensuing medical emergency.
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    [Albion] Season Ticket Pass update

    Thanks. Never noticed it before.
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    [Albion] Season Ticket Pass update

    My wallet has just been updated from the Palace match last night, but now shows my next game to be Albion vs Spurs with a kick off of 31 May at 23:59. Anyone else had this come through? I assume the game and kick-off time has been arranged for Hawaiian audiences? :lol:
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    Absolutely agree!
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    [Albion] Ken Craggs RIP

    In between doing his scouting activities for the Albion, he did some part-time driving work for a local taxi company and I was fortunate enough for Ken to give me a lift to the airport a few times. He was a lovely guy and we had some great conversations about the Albion at that time. RIP Ken, a...
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    [Albion] £14.95 to watch Albion

    Absolutely! As an STH, (and Sky & BT Sport subscriber), I would pay the £15 to see the Albion matches that were not already being selected for live view. My Wife & I would be receiving a rebate from our Season Ticket of two seats for a home game. We would probably have paid to go to the away...
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    [Albion] Player Ratings Arsenal - Brighton

    Dan Burn was Ryan’s main out ball when going long in the second half and won virtually every header and flicked the ball on to Maupay or Connolly time and again. There was no one to challenge him in the air on that wide left channel.
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    Alex Pritchard

    Excellent, but third line perhaps "He got lost on the motorway"?
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    The best last track on an LP is .....

    Dire Straitts Brothers in Arms for me!
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    In or Out - Should Hyppia go ?

    I thought the Albion played well today, all three Bornemouth goals were poor, an O.G., a deflection and an avoidable penalty. I think a couple of decent results, and a bit of the luck we have not seen anything of this year and we will climb the table.
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    Car "paintless" dent removal

    Hi folks. Thanks for the input. It looks well worth considering as a way forward. Still a bit nervous about it but will look into it but no-one saying DON'T.
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    Car "paintless" dent removal

    Just a thought...... Since NSC is the fount of all knowledge. Anyone had any experiences of getting car damage repaired by one of the dent removal companies? .... whether good or bad ! Someone, who didn't leave their details, (:tosser), left a 14 inch long dent in my passenger's door. Not...
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    Entry for late-comers at Withdean

    What are the arrangements for allowing entry during the match? We had car problems which meant we were going to be late, meaning we would get there just after half time (setting off from SW London about 3:00). We rang the club shop, who couldn't tell us whether we could get in late, so our...
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