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  1. Stat Brother

    [Misc] Is the world going to end tomorrow?

    I'll not mow the lawn then. Bit of a result.
  2. Stat Brother

    [Albion] TV dates 23/24

    What a sentence. Albion v Liverpool has been selected to be broadcast on Sky Sports, whilst Albion v Fulham has moved due to our participation in the UEFA Europa League.
  3. Stat Brother

    [Football] Chelsea - Spending well beyond FFP limits or astute purchases maxing out within FFP?

    Chelsea aren't doing anything wrong. The EPL is yet to sign up to the 5 year depreciation. Chelsea aren't in any UEFA tournament so there rules don't take precedent. In FFP terms Caicedo is costing Chelsea £14.5m a year. Chelsea made £75m 'FFP profit' on Mount and other (name escapes me)...
  4. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Albion accounts 2021/22

    A post better served elsewhere
  5. Stat Brother

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    You can cycle it quicker, today!
  6. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Would you want to go to Marseille away?

    No but I do remember chatting with the fella from Dead Man's Shoes, but he left with a headache.
  7. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Would you want to go to Marseille away?

    I once found myself on a small fishing boat, that docked in Marseille. I was let off with nothing but a chunky jumper and Swiss bank account number... ...the rest of my time in Europe, well the pieces I can remember, was pretty uneventful.
  8. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Would you want to go to Marseille away?

    It was... ...Till we got there. After The 'Dam, Prague is probably my most visited European city, over a 20 year period. I've not been back for a while, but when last there 'we' (The English, EasyJet and Ryan Air) had turned it into Blackpool. Not even 'Blackpool on...'. We turned Prague...
  9. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Would you want to go to Marseille away?

    I know I'm being outrageously naive, but I just don't think we're going to get that aspect of European football. I'd be amazed if we started 'a luzzing' or charged them as something luzzed landing 10 yards short.
  10. Stat Brother

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    Have a word with Adingra, I hear he might have some going cheap.
  11. Stat Brother

    [Football] Olise

    We've had the financialised destruction of football since Jimmy Hill scrapped the maximum wage. And if we want to stop our society destroying itself through greed and power, we should probably stop voting Conservative, at every bloody election.
  12. Stat Brother

    [Football] Olise

    They've given my club £223,000,000, 6 points, and finish below us. It hard to hate anyone I'm permanently laughing at.
  13. Stat Brother

    [Football] Olise

    palace didn't have to sign him on terms unfavorable them. They knew what they were doing and this is the end result. I say that but a release clause of £70m would show they knew what they were doing. £35m for a player you intend to be part of the focal point for an EPL team makes no sense at...
  14. Stat Brother

    [Football] Manure Demand £50, Yes FIFTY, million for Harry Maguire.

    Pay £7m to not play Maguire - deal of the century. "Do you only want £7m Hazza?"
  15. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Carlos Baleba SINGS a 5-year deal

    It's about:- Strawberry or Raspberry Yop - which is the best? You just don't know that yet.
  16. Stat Brother

    [Albion] Carlos Baleba SINGS a 5-year deal

    To which I thought 'Glendenning's on the Rumour Mill, today'.
  17. Stat Brother

    [Football] A long season for Luton?

    I would seem we'll all know for sure by the end of September. Their fixtures for that month are West Ham, Wolves, Fulham & Everton. If they don't hold their own through that, ignore everything I said (as usual).
  18. Stat Brother

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    Or if one person doesn't buy a bag of Opal Fruits.
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