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    [Albion] AEK home tickets

    Accessible Tickets: 1 Wheelchair Area but Available to All: 8 1901: 27 W1DH/E1DH (Corp): 59 Restricted View: 3 Standard: 8 Total: 106
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    [Drinking] Brighton bottom of the League (and Burnley top).

    So East Slope got knocked down for the new blocks a few years back and Grapevine close in about 2007 when I was studying there (as did a very small cocktail bar in Park Village). There is Northfield Bar at the far end of the campus and Falmer Bar, and there used to be a bar right by the library...
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    [Drinking] Brighton bottom of the League (and Burnley top).

    The Swan and Falmer Bar are obvious. Is the last Ruby on Coldean Lane?
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    [Help] His Majesty King Charles

    Has he done much? I mean I know the Queen didn't exactly do a lot towards the end of her life, but I don't know if I've really seen much aside from funeral and coronation?
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    [Albion] What to wear

    I have concluded it was my cap. Definitely the issue.
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    [Albion] What to wear

    No, wear your own thing. I have shirts I decide are "lucky" and then try to stick with them for a bit. That's about it.
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    [Football] Women's World Cup

    If she’s fully fit I don’t know if England win that game. Hell even if that wasn’t her first start I think it’s a much harder game. The sheer volume of chances she creates is ridiculous in itself
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    [Football] Women's World Cup

    I mean yes, but Sam Kerr is an absolute force of nature. Bloody terrifying watching her play
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    [Albion] Europa League fans' forum transcription

    Appreciate the transcript, did cover pretty much everything. Understand the club's stance on away travel, particularly as it's the first time in Europe. Let them focus on getting the team etc... to away grounds, imagine that's enough of a nightmare by itself!
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    [Albion] Opening date of 2024/25 season (yes i know)

    I would expect the 10th. If you look at the 2018 World Cup to the 2018-19 PL that was July 15th to August 10th. That's the last "normal" gap we had
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    [Brighton] Crystal Palace Fan Labour Brighton Pavilion MP Candidate

    Yes, I think that is absolutely a benefit for Sian as the Green candidate
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    [Brighton] Crystal Palace Fan Labour Brighton Pavilion MP Candidate

    Given neither Izzard or Sian Berry (the Green candidate) are actually local, the parachuting in issue isn't particularly relevant for me in this election. Izzard does have more links to Sussex generally, but neither have a particularly strong claim to the seat. Then again, I don't believe Lucas...
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    [Misc] Temu shopping website.

    As others have said, it's basically the same stuff you get on Wish or AliExpress. It's fine for some stuff, like cheap notebooks or cleaning stuff. Generally a mix of fine and tat.
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    [Misc] Hippodrome open. Two days only.

    Really is an absolutely stunning space. Badly need that planning permission to go through. Understand that with a listed heritage building it'll be a slow process, but the alternative is not having it preserved at all!
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    [Misc] Replica Shirts Why?

    Brighton shirts I wear to Brighton matches, and sometimes watching on TV (much rarer). I have a couple of NFL shirts that I will wear around the housee because they're just pretty comfy
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    [Albion] Amex Stadium name change..

    Yes, Foundation is much easier to pitch to a broader audience for sure. I think using the AITC brand for their local outreach activities while Foundation is used for the money raising elements etc... could be a very sensible approach.
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    [Albion] Amex Stadium name change..

    The Albion in the Community name change seems far stranger than the stadium one. That's a pretty big shift and the name worked a lot better than the Foundation name does. I think perhaps the only benefit of switching to Foundation is it feels a bit more like its own charity, which would fit with...
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    [Food] Crisps in the pub

    Tear and share unless I'm absolutely STARVING
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    [Football] Wrexham United?

    Reynolds is just very smart and good at marketing. And I reckon an hour and a bit is the right length of time to produce outrage without any real harm
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    [Football] REMF 21 - A Final Hurrah - Amex Stadium 2/6/23, 7:00 pm ko

    Decent match I thought, certainly very feisty! Particularly enjoyed back to back missed penalties during sudden death If anyone fancies chucking in a bit of money after the final game just adding the link again
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