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  1. the wanderbus

    [Football] Chelsea Twitter- hilarious

    Luton made it clear that is what they would be doing before the season started. This year’s premier league money secures their future in the short term whilst they’re waiting for their new stadium.
  2. the wanderbus

    [Albion] Big Dan Burn

    f*** Dan Burn, was never that good for us. What’s the point of a left back that can’t dribble or cross the ball or a centre back that can’t head the ball . I was glad to see the back of the lanky prick. Performed like a thug a few weeks ago when we stuffed them. Not of sufficient quality to...
  3. the wanderbus

    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    M.o.M vote. Looks like you can vote multiple times.
  4. the wanderbus

    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Dunk was never going to start yesterdays game.The rail toothed palace wanker is always going to stick with McGuire , he virtually said as much when making his excuses for picking a player with no game time. The game against the jocks will be the one where he gets some minutes on the pitch……...
  5. the wanderbus

    [Football] Women's World Cup

    I read that and thought about when Woodward went from the England rugby set up to Southampton, not exactly a successful crossover…… then I remember she’s not Southgate so I’m in. Anyone but the rail toothed Palace wanker.[/url]
  6. the wanderbus

    [Albion] Brighton won't be bullied into selling Caicedo

    Actually it’s Jockenese
  7. the wanderbus

    [Albion] Has Ferguson Scored Our Best Headed Goal?

    Martin Chivers away at orient in 1979
  8. the wanderbus

    [Football] Luton forum (avenue of evil)

    There’s nothing like deliberately misreading a post in order to come over all superior and sanctimonious. Read it again only this time read it properly. Then tell me where I mention anything about the Amex. I thought it was perfectly obvious that I was comparing Luton to the contrived bollocks...
  9. the wanderbus

    [Football] Luton forum (avenue of evil)

    That’s slightly different from shitty banners that say shit like Mongolian blues or Kuala Lumpur reds right round the stadium.
  10. the wanderbus

    [Football] Luton forum (avenue of evil)

    I like Kenilworth rd , it’s a proper ground with a proper atmosphere created by proper fans. However small and shit it might be it’s better than most of the contrived old bollocks we usually see in the premier league ……. Yes I am thinking of the goons that are hired to wave big flags at Chelsea...
  11. the wanderbus

    [Football] Ref’s performance today

    The ref was shit, fortunately he was equally shit for both sides. Just another one , like the vast majority of premier league refs,that’s not up to the job. We should be used to it by now .
  12. the wanderbus

    [Albion] when was the last time...

    Until now!!!
  13. the wanderbus

    [Albion] when was the last time...

    Finished above chelsea in 180, 81,82 and 83. I’m pretty sure we haven’t finished above spurs .
  14. the wanderbus

    [Albion] New Song

    Any club whose fans sing that allez allez allez shit deserve a points deduction.
  15. the wanderbus

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Of course it won’t, surely you don’t think any of his f*** ups will favour the non big 6 side?
  16. the wanderbus

    [Football] Man U v Seville

    Good, hope he picks up an injury that keeps him out of our semifinal. Without him utd are shite.
  17. the wanderbus

    [Albion] What should the club do about yesterday's game?

    Not a chance there’ll be any doubt that their bank accounts are clear, probably better to check the suitcases full of cash under their beds.
  18. the wanderbus

    [Finance] Tesco cut Clubcard Rewards AGAIN!

    Whether it’s worth 10x or 1x it’s still a “freebie”……though I’d prefer a cut in prices and no points at all
  19. the wanderbus

    [Albion] 40 years ago today, that Jimmy Case goal v Naaaarwich.

    Those signs were provided by case computers, gave them a bit of free global advertising.
  20. the wanderbus

    [Football] Potter [NOT] at Chelsea

    Why, we owe them no more thanks than any other club that beat Cardiff that season . If you look at the final table it shows that we got more points than them over the course of the season . Our destiny was always in our own hands.
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