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  1. Wallace

    [Football] Champions League 2023-24

    The always immaculately turned out Ali J versus the Great unwashed, there was only ever gonna be one winner 🏆
  2. Wallace

    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    Got one, thank f*** for that!
  3. Wallace

    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    I think you might be surprised by how tickets get shifted to Albion+ members. A lot of these supporters don't live in the Sussex area so aren't reliant on Gatwick flights to get to Marseille. I paid £70 RTN Edinburgh to Marseille so for me cost isn't an issue, it's getting a ticket that is.
  4. Wallace

    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    Hang on a minute, pre registration was given loads of publicity, if for whatever ever reason you haven't pre registered then you can't buy a ticket, simple as that. I booked flights and accommodation for all 3 of the away days as soon as the dates were announced, I'm not a STH, I live in...
  5. Wallace

    [Albion] Ajax away allocation

    I went to Carlisle v Crawley last season, does that count?
  6. Wallace

    [Albion] Marseille

    I'm going whatever but if I don't get a ticket I can guarantee the last place I'd want to watch it would be in a Rugby fanzone serving overpriced Guinness and surrounded by egg chasing paraphernalia, surely even Barber would realise what a shit idea that would be. I'll be in the pub 🍻
  7. Wallace

    [Brighton] Europa league fixtures released

    I've booked all 3 now, I'm a non STH so unlikely to get an Ajax ticket but fingers crossed I'll be ok for the other 2.
  8. Wallace

    [Albion] AEK Athens

    £180 returns from Manchester still available on easyJet
  9. Wallace

    [Albion] Gross called up for Germany

    I'm made up with that news, so, so pleased for him. Like a fine wine he just improves with age, he will go down in history as one of our most important ever signings.
  10. Wallace

    [Albion] Why can't retrospective action be taken against cheats?

    Absolutely this type of stuff should be dealt with retrospectively, VAR spends too much time dicking around with wafer thin offside decisions, why can't the tech be put to better use dealing with blantant cheating?
  11. Wallace

    [Music] Great names of real bands

    Bomb Disneyland. Disney corporation took them to court so they changed their name to Bomb Everything!
  12. Wallace

    [Football] Who will qualify for the 2023-24 UEFA Europa League?

    I imagine it'd be played at Vojvodini's stadium in Novi sad, Serbian national team sometimes play games there.
  13. Wallace

    [Albion] £115m

    If that's true.... Wow!
  14. Wallace

    [Albion] Spuds v Shakhtar

    Despite being one of the most despised owners in the prem good to see Levy inviting Shakhtar over for a friendly. Shame our beloved (by some) CEO didn't think of doing this first instead of flogging De Zerbi's players around the USA for a couple of weeks. Typical Barber, money before morals.
  15. Wallace

    [News] Sinéad O’Connor RIP

    I love this song as well and her vocals are amazing but ultimately it's a Jah Wobble tune. I've never been a fan of her own stuff and I think if she wasn't such a disturbed person then she wouldn't have reached the level of fame/notoriety that she did. RIP all the same.
  16. Wallace

    [Albion] Former Albion legend Paddy McCourt played his final match tonight

    Surely he must be living on a park bench these days
  17. Wallace

    [Other Sport] Favourite Gary

    Gary the retard, absolute legend.
  18. Wallace

    [Albion] Scott mctominay to the Albion?

    30 million would be a great bit of business
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