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    [Albion] How would you feel if we had a giant fan made Albion tifo?

    Not for me. I think we should be ourselves and not try and copy other fan bases. Of course if someone put in the time and effort to come up with a good one then I would certainly enjoy it, but I just do not think we need one.
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    [Albion] Atmosphere

    Thought the atmosphere was excellent tonight. From my vantage point in the WSU the AEK fans were drowned out by our support for the most part. The acoustics at the Amex are weird. Not going to lie I am a bit croaky this morning. The AEK fans put on a show and we turned up too, it felt like a...
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    [Albion] Excited?

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    [Albion] Excited?

    Very excited, but also stupidly busy tomorrow . The day will fly by, roll on 5.30!
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    [Albion] New EPL TV deal - 6.30pm Sunday games - we need to stop this

    Sunday 6pm is for the NFL not the EPL
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    [Football] Newcastle fan stabbed in Milan

    Hope the bloke is ok. Sad to say if we had drawn Roma I'd have given a lot of thought about going due to the basically random pattern of stabbings you get with Italian clubs. It's one thing two set of meatheads deciding to take each other on, it's another when scarfers get knifed.
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    [Albion] Team for AEK Athens

    I have absolutely no idea who we'll play. Steele Veltman JPVH Dunk Pervis Mitoma Gross Gilmour March Pedro Ferguson With cameos from the bench for Fati, Baleba, Lamptey
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    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2023/2024

    I think Watson was a mistake on so many levels. First of all he's a scumbag, second massively overpaid when he should be begging for a job, third he used to be worth that money when he was younger, but he'll not recover those previous heights imo. The loss of Chubb really highlights the folly of...
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    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2023/2024

    A real shame for Chubb, and I hope he can recover fully, he is an absolutely superb player. I have to say though my sympathy for the Browns this year is in short supply. Watson lucky to be not ejected for pushing the officials.
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    [Albion] Absolutely buzzing right now

    Fantastic! What an amazing experience she'll have on Thursday!
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    [Albion] Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Very good video that. I noticed on Fotmob how many of our passes were in our own half, it was an extraordinary amount.
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    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2023/2024

    Great comeback by Washington after a terrible first half, the icing on the cake of a brilliant weekend. Hail!
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    [Albion] Albion mojo-meter

    10 (Ten)
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    [Drinking] Brighton bottom of the League (and Burnley top).

    I've given Newcastle a lot of stick this week, but St James Park is the best situated ground in the country, right in the centre of town.
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    [Drinking] Brighton bottom of the League (and Burnley top).

    In fairness to Burnley the cricket club is a great pre-match venue
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    [Albion] Seven games in 23 days - how many are you attending?

    Four. Utd, AEK, Bournemouth, Liverpool. Missing Villa, Chelsea, Marseilles. Something has to give sadly not enough money or time to go round. Will be at City the following week though.
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    [Albion] Marseille v Albion ticketing - allocation and priority windows etc

    In my case it's time off work and workload, only had four days spare so have booked Amsterdam and Athens.
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    [Albion] Ajax away allocation

    Am over 300 so hopefully good for Athens given the crazy itinerary I have booked for it. Will make do with a bar if not lucky. Ajax I am confident i am in.
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    [Albion] Ajax away allocation

    I'd imagine so. I'm going with a group for both all in the same ticket priority
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    [Football] Newcastle fans and YouTuber support Saudi, confront protesters

    I never realised things had got SOOOOOOOOOOO Bad.
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