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  1. Sepulveda

    [Football] AEK Fans At The King & Queen.

    Ultras groups are all very corny in their imagery
  2. Sepulveda

    [Football] Newcastle fan stabbed in Milan

    Milan as a city has generally become more and dangerous at night in recent years. So there's no guarantee it was a football-related assault, but if it is it's certainly an isolated group of idiotic, probably younger, men trying to "prove themselves" to their friends. It's a very unfortunate but...
  3. Sepulveda

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AEK Athens *** Official Match Thread ***

    Really interesting insight from the AEK fan
  4. Sepulveda

    [Albion] Referring to Albion fans as 'seagulls'.

    Well we're informally known as "gobbi" ("hunchbacks"), so it really depends on what you make of your nickname. Same with "culés" ("those who show their ass") for Barça fans.
  5. Sepulveda

    [Albion] away fans

    The only Greek word my brain has retained is in Ancient Greek and was taught to me by my childhood friend who was then studying Ancient Greek in highschool: ραφανιδωσις ("raphanidosis") = shoving a radish root up in the bum
  6. Sepulveda

    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    Yeah sorry I didn't explain myself very well - the hinomaru has been the flag of the country (aka the national flag) since 1870, be it the empire or modern Japan. The flag with the sun rays is, as you say, the military's flag. And we agree on the rest :thumbsup:
  7. Sepulveda

    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    Be sure to wave it for the cameras at the end of next match!
  8. Sepulveda

    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    Except that the Imperial flag actually is the national flag of Japan. The "radiant sun" flag is simply the Army and Navy flag, both today and in WW2. I completely agree that it shouldn't be displayed at matches because it's a military flag and not a national flag - but the national flag of the...
  9. Sepulveda

    [Albion] Saluting The 30 pass Di Zerbi Ball thread

    As someone who is used to a different style* of football, "soul destroying" is exactly how I'd describe that; it's honestly terrifying in a giant-hive-minded-meat-grinder-machine kind of way. Some other football fans might describe good park-the-bus defending as "soul crushing", but being...
  10. Sepulveda

    [Albion] The Japanese imperial flag in the away end at OT

    It's quite funny seeing this as the first post on the board for me because I've just finished watching the highlights and celebrations of your match and was literally about to ask on here if anyone had noticed it, as it immediately stood out to me. But I also noticed it was flown by people who...
  11. Sepulveda

    [Albion] New experiences for Caicedo

    He was the pivot/regista of RDZ's Sassuolo and was known to be very intelligent and technical in his passing and press evasion in that team, with great vision. But when we got him (just as Allegri was re-hired) he didn't have that precise structure in place anymore, the opposite in fact; and...
  12. Sepulveda

    [Albion] New experiences for Caicedo

    [looking dejectedly at Locatelli] Yeah...
  13. Sepulveda

    [Albion] To Mainland Europe's Ultras

    Ajax are one of the better ones to be fair, not much pointless aggression internationally compared to other Dutch teams, they're too historically big for that. They're noisy and travel in numbers, but shouldn't cause a lot of trouble.
  14. Sepulveda

    [Albion] ***Europa League Group Stage Draw - Official Thread***

    Exciting, but tough group guys. I appreciate your eagerness for travelling to big European stadiums but, as far as the tournament goes, getting a tough group is not a good thing no matter how much anyone lies to themselves. It's not gonna "prepare" you for anything, it's just gonna test your...
  15. Sepulveda

    [Misc] The North Stand Chat thread for Christians, seekers, and other people

    Well at least he's provided us with some Jehovah's-witness type of entertainment for a couple days That thumbnail really reminds me of something like a Hunger Games poster or some low-quality generic young adults saga
  16. Sepulveda

    [News] Congressional hearing on UFOs

    Nah, would love for us to make contact with aliens or traces of them but until real evidence comes out I'm not really interested about uncertain testimonies and political/procedural stuff. Plus all my mental energy is spent on trying not to let slip some Swedish or pizza-related opinions.
  17. Sepulveda

    [News] Kevin Spacey.

    Very good actor, as an aside in Italian he's dubbed by my favorite dubber :blush:
  18. Sepulveda

    [Politics] Does anyone know what this flag is?

    I'm not a mod and I can easily ignore online conversations if I don't want to take part in them, so by all means go ahead. I was just pointing out that the title question (including the "Politics" flair) has now become slightly misleading in representing the content of the thread, that's to say...
  19. Sepulveda

    [Politics] Does anyone know what this flag is?

    This reminds me, season 2 of Good Omens is coming out in a couple days; here's hoping it's not shit. And I think the question about the flag has been answered, no? Even if it was just used as a very transparent attempt at "casually" starting a discussion about the Antichrist. So, case closed...
  20. Sepulveda

    [Politics] Does anyone know what this flag is?

    Yeah, only that they put a different symbol in the middle
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